Why Anti-Trump “Resistance” Is a Joke

I keep hearing talk from anti-Trump people about joining the “resistance”. Resistance to what, exactly?

Normally resistance refers to a movement against authoritarianism. You might be in a Communist, Nazi or Islamic resistance because people in those movements impose dictatorships on their victims.

Most of the anti-Trump people promoting resistance are socialists, social democrats or even Communists. They want even more government control over every aspect of the individual’s life than it already has.

President Trump has, to date, proposed cutting taxes, reducing environmentalist and other regulations on business, strengthening our borders to keep out violent terrorists and criminals, and stopping taxpayer funding of abortions. Each of these steps involves a little bit of restoration of liberty, not its limitation.

So what is there to resist, anti-Trump people, other than the unrelenting movement toward more and more government control over our lives that most of you favor? Are you resisting President Trump’s unwillingness to have government control all of our lives, as represented by things like universal health care, government ownership of the Internet as a utility, and taking away the rights of self-protection, and even freedom of speech, as guaranteed by the First and Second Amendments?

It makes no sense to call yourself a “resister” unless the person or movement you’re resisting seeks to impose authoritarianism or dictatorship on you. In the eyes of anti-Trump people, President Trump’s flaws do not consist of eroding liberty too much, but of restraining it too little. For them to feel less “resistant” the federal government would have to make taxes even higher, completely take over health care and eradicate the right to own a gun. Plus curb speech!

Whatever you think of President Trump, he’s not the one to inspire resistance. It’s the hard core Democratic socialist-Communist leftists from whom dissenters and advocates of individual rights have the most to fear – by far.

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