President Trump Reducing School Children to Tears, Says NEA

National Education Association president Lily Eskelsen Garcia claims teachers have to “comfort crying children because they are afraid” of President Donald Trump. She actually wants people to know this, and acts as if this is a good thing. Shouldn’t government schools be teaching children how to think, not cry?

Garcia said, “There were current events about Muslim bans and educators had to assure frightened children like little girls who wore hijabs or little boys named Mohammad that the president couldn’t hurt them.”

Shouldn’t children be more afraid of indiscriminate, totally open borders that allow Muslim-inspired terrorists to enter the country and knock down skyscrapers, shoot up office holiday parties, subways and gay dance bars? Where are the tears over those things? I didn’t hear the NEA president give a speech about children crying after 9/11, or how to answer questions over whether Islam — perhaps their family’s own religion — is a religion of peace.

She goes on, “There were current events about border walls to keep out Bad Hombres, and educators had to assure frightened children with names like Alfredo and Juanita that the president couldn’t hurt them.”

Will children be taught to understand the difference between a society with or without a rule of law? And how about the distinction between people who enter the country illegally versus those — in many cases, their own families — who enter the U.S. legally? Will they be allowed to think that President Trump hates all children with names like Alfredo or Juanita, or merely wants Congress to pass legislation, as the Constitution requires, instead of a U.S. President (like the last one) simply making up law when it suits him? Didn’t many of their parents come to the U.S. to get away from countries like that?

Garcia: “There were current events about humiliating transgender students who just had to go to the bathroom and removing the protections against their discrimination, and educators had to assure frightened boys who were shaped like girls; and girls who were shaped like boys that the president couldn’t hurt them.”

Why are little children too young to hold back their tears even taught about controversial things like gender dysphoria? We don’t teach them about bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or dementia. Maybe they’re now afraid they don’t know if they’re really little girls or boys, despite what their parents have told them. Maybe it brings down their whole little six-year-old or eight-year-old world to consider such possibilities. Of course they’re crying! What’s wrong with you, public school teachers of the NEA?

We know what’s wrong. The government-run public school system is no better than the government-run national health service Bernie Sanders and others now seek to impose on us all (except for the rulers). Public schools are largely unaccountable, cannot go out of business and are paid for with billions of dollars forcibly seized from people who have no actual say in how these schools are run.

Government-run schools are not run by educational standards arising from a marketplace, but by political ones. The NEA is the tyrannical outgrowth of that federally run system. Members of their monopoly don’t like President Donald Trump much. While not challenging their very existence (as he should), he challenges a few of their sacred cows by supporting things like charter schools and vouchers. That’s the reason children are crying. They’re crying because the teachers whose unsustainable and unjustified unaccountability to anything like a marketplace seems threatened, at the moment. They’re crying because their teachers are crying.

In reality, we should all be crying, at least so long as something as profoundly important as education is in the hands of political hacks like Lily Eskelsen Garcia.

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