How to Eliminate Free Speech in One Short Argument

“Of course we have a First Amendment. We’ll always have a First Amendment. But surely you don’t believe HATE speech is protected by the First Amendment? You don’t endorse hate speech, do you?”

“Well, no, I don’t endorse hate speech … I’m not in favor of hate … ”

“Donald Trump is a perpetrator of hate speech. On that count alone, he should be impeached. Hate is a form of violence. It’s not violence directly, but to say hateful things about groups of people is the same as assaulting them. It will lead to the destruction of people and property, which is the same as actually destroying people and property. Legally, it should be treated the same.”

“I guess…”

“And by the way, acts such as lowering taxes, cutting government spending and regulations, increasing military spending or criticizing Muslims are all racist and oppressive. Supporting these things is hateful and therefore constitutes hate speech.”

Let your opponents define and decide the terms of the debate, such as what constitutes hate speech, and before long the debate is over.

It’s happening now. The First Amendment is only as vivid and real as your willingness to assert it.

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