Why It’s Sneaky and Dishonest to Proclaim You’re Against “Hate”

I don’t know about you. But I’m sick and tired of hearing people who say, “I’m against hate. Hate will never win.” And so forth.

It’s not that I’m in favor of hate. Actually, I’m neither in favor of — nor against — hate. It all depends on the object of hatred. An axe murderer? Adolf Hitler? They’re worthy of my hate. Liberty, individual rights, rational intelligence, self-responsibility? I love those things. And I hate anything or anyone who tries to undermine them.

What exactly are the people who post the memes saying, “Don’t let hate win” actually saying? That they’re against the KKK or Nazi concentration camps? Well, they should be. But going out of your way to say that is like going out of your way to say, “I’m against taking candy from little children” or, “I’m against colon cancer.” It takes neither courage nor intelligence to state the obvious.

The people posting and saying these things know full well that it’s not the obvious things they’re against. It’s the less obvious things. Things like repealing Obamacare, privatizing medicine, expanding choice in education, reducing taxes, treating illegal immigrants according to the law rather than as political constituents for gaining power..these are the things they consider hatred. These may be controversial positions, but they’re not hateful ones — unless you hate attacks on property rights, individual liberty and the Constitution.

It’s ridiculously easy to tell others, “I’m against hate.” It takes a lot more courage — and brains — to identify what you support, what you oppose, and why. Using obvious, meaningless statements such as “I oppose hate” to smuggle in your actual hatred of all opinions or persons not in sync with your own views is disingenuous, at best.

It’s impossible to escape negative emotions such as hate. If you love anything, you hate its opposite. Why not grow up and say what you really mean?

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