The Lion Roars

Don’t miss President Donald Trump’s press conference from today on the Charlottesville VA riots.

He stood up to the media like no President in modern times.

The media smears all conservatives, libertarians, and Republicans with the label “alt right”. The unstated and unchallenged assumption is that you’re either with Democrats on economics and national defense, or you’re a white supremacist racist.

President Obama sneered as much throughout his eight years in office. Either you’re with him, or you’re some kind of racist. Now they’re out of power, so they needed another means of getting this falsehood across. The spectacle of Charlottesville gave them that opportunity.

I’m not buying it. And I’m happy to say President Trump is not buying it, either.

At the President’s press conference today, media dummies seemed stunned at the suggestion that “alt left” (President Trump’s own term) promoters of violence are no better than their white supremacist opponents.

CNN’s Jim Acosta objected that the “neo-nazis” started the violence by showing up in Charlottesville to protest the removal of a statue depicting Confederate general Robert E. Lee. There’s one-sided thinking for you. “If you protest my views, then you’re inciting violence.” What an incredibly arrogant, unfair and profoundly totalitarian attitude!

This press conference reinforced how elite leftist socialists in the media are not accustomed to being challenged on anything. For decades, Republican politicians, including Presidents, have bowed in humility and blinked in compliance with the shaming and blaming of journalists who openly take a side on every issue in the name of “objectivity”.

Not today.

See for yourself here:


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