What’s Next for Health Care?

Progressive Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO), spewing her propaganda on the practically state-run MSNBC, chastised President Trump and his supporters the other day:

“[I]t would be the height of irresponsibility for this president to continue to threaten millions of Americans that he’s going to take their health care away because he’s upset that this bill that the Republicans tried to pass didn’t succeed.”

McCaskill claims that opponents of Obamacare threaten to “take away” health care. “Take away” means stealing something that belongs to someone. But getting something for free because the government forces someone to give it to you is the actual stealing.

If you pay for your own health insurance, then under Obamacare you’re paying more for that insurance so somebody else can have it for free. If you obtain health insurance through your employer, then your employer pays more for your health insurance. This means reduced wages for you, because costs are always passed along when government imposes mandates.

If government takes from one group and gives to another, and then repeals that order, it’s not “taking from” the people who no longer get the freebies. It’s merely stopping the injustice. Repealing Obamacare is not unjust. Passing Obamacare was.

Socialist progressives like Claire McCaskill should be on the defensive here, not those who oppose socialized medicine. They should be required to explain why some people must carry the load for others. Because that’s what socialized programs do.

If nobody worked, there would be no money to finance government programs. If everybody worked, then there would be no need for government programs, because private charity would be more than enough to handle concerns for people who actually suffer through no fault of their own.

Fewer people would suffer in a free market, because in a free market prices are generally driven down, over time, as supply (thanks to “greed” and profit incentives) seeks always to keep up with demand. While it’s doubtful health care would ever be cheap, it’s far more expensive than it has to be, thanks to government intervention in the field.

So what’s next for health care? My vote is for a free market, as you can tell. But I don’t think we’ll get that anytime soon. We can’t even get Obamacare repealed, so how can we move toward a free market?

The only remaining alternative is what Jonathan Hoenig of Fox News tweeted will be cries to “get rid of the middleman” in medicine. Politicians will attempt to persuade voters that if we could just get rid of third party payers altogether –i.e., health insurance companies – we’ll at last be in utopia. You know, like Canada, Great Britain, Cuba, Venezuela and North Korea. And Soviet Russia, in the old days.

If that happens, then Americans – who are still used to the best health care on earth, thanks to the semi-free market we have enjoyed – will be forced to learn the hard way. Government is the meanest, cruelest, most unfair and most inefficient third party payer of all.

I’m willing to make a deal with Senator Claire McCaskill and other supporters of socialized medicine like her. You go live in Venezuela, North Korea or Cuba, where socialized medicine reigns supreme. And then I’ll settle for socialized medicine in America.

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