Why Democrats Went Crazy With Fact-Free Conspiracy Theories

The fact-free claims of a Russian-Trump conspiracy continue unabated — at least on websites and networks that only anti-Trump people watch.

Conspiracy theories grow where facts and reason never stood a chance. Given the irrational nature of socialism and progressivism, it was really just a matter of time before something like this happened.

To conquer madness, you first have to understand it. And the Russian conspiracy theories represent more madness than anything I ever observed working in a mental hospital.

In the family therapy field, there’s a question therapists are trained to ask: “How does the symptom serve the system?” What this basically means is, “What are people getting out of the irrational behavior?” Often, it’s a distraction. Children or teens are thought to “act out” various dysfunctional or irrational behaviors to serve as a distraction from, say, daddy’s alcohol abuse, sexual abuse or the parents’ toxic marriage.

It strikes me that Democrats, progressives and other people who despise President Donald Trump to the point that they literally make things up are feeding some kind of subconsciously driven psychological purpose.

Let’s take a look at progressivism. It’s all about the group. Progressivism and socialism represent the opposite of rugged individualism, and advocates of leftism take pride in this fact. They think individualism is selfish, cold, cruel and evil.

What the election of Donald Trump showed such people is that many millions of other people disagree with them.  Conservatives and libertarians are used to people disagreeing with them. They’re used to being called names and being greeted with all sorts of hostility, and even threats of violence. Progressives are not used to such treatment because the people who disagree with them are not mean, at least not as mean and nasty as most progressives are.

But keep in mind that meanness usually arises from anxiety. For so many anti-Trump hysterics to become so mean, even to the point of threatening violence, there has to be a whole lot of anxiety going on. My theory? The lack of self-interested individualism in people who most fervently buy into the progressive attitudes. Progressives detest individualism because they detest individual identity. They take all their comfort in the state, the group, in society. For them it’s a religion. When they discover that about half of society — why, even 51 percent of society — is so at odds with what they think, feel and believe it makes them unbelievably and hysterically anxious.

That’s where conspiracy theories come in. They’re like a drug. Conspiracy theories provide a neat and tidy explanation for everything. “Oh, the Russians are responsible for Donald Trump becoming President. What else could it be? It’s the Evil Empire. Once we get all this out in the open, then the way will be clear and we’ll return to normalcy.”

Dream on, progressives.

You haven’t seen anything yet. Getting rid of Donald Trump is the least of your problems. The anti-socialist, anti-PC mentality that gave rise to Donald Trump’s presidency isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it will probably grow stronger. Your anxiety-driven rage reveals a deep-seated struggle not to know this.

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