Why Leftists Think Everyone is Stupid

Politicians, media and academic elites on the left are frequently caught calling ordinary people “stupid”. We saw it with the passage of Obamacare, and we saw it with various remarks made after Donald Trump’s election to the presidency. Right now, they’re downplaying the best-selling status of gay conservative Milo Yiannopoulos’ new book “Dangerous” on the same premise: If we don’t talk about someone we dislike gaining a lot of popularity, then it won’t be happening. People are too stupid to notice or care, anyway. Or so they think.

It makes total sense that leftists would consider most people stupid. Think about what leftism is. It’s about government control of the economy and government control of people’s beliefs and attitudes, generally through political correctness. Leftism is all about control over people. If leftists thought people were capable of intelligence, they would not seek to control them.

Leftists and progressives have no confidence in human reasoning. They have no respect for common sense and no reverence for objective knowledge. All that matters to leftist progressives are feelings. That’s why they use media and government to do everything in their power to shape, curb and influence people’s feelings.

Twenty years ago, before leftist progressives became as mean-spirited as they are now, they tended to respond to free market or individualist arguments with things like, “That frightens me.” Or, “You scare me.” Their hope was that their feelings — of fear — would cause you to change your mind. Exactly how are feelings supposed to prove or disprove anything? No answer was ever given. It was just an undisputed idea.

Today, particularly since Donald Trump’s election, leftists and progressives have become nasty and mean-spirited, even to the point of threatening violence with any who disagree. And that makes sense, too. Leftist socialism is all about force and coercion. Force and compulsion are the exact opposite of liberty. Leftists care about group-think and group conformity, while dissenters care more about things like private property, individualism and economic freedom. Sooner or later these two sides had to clash in a very dramatic and even ugly way.

People who think they’re superior to others, that most people are stupid and that most people must be forced to live, trade and think a certain way are, by definition, not very nice people. That’s why leftist progressives are, by and large, the mean-spirited people they increasingly show themselves to be.

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