Democrats Want Unlimited Executive Power — If it’s Their Executive

Why does a President have unlimited authority over immigration when it involves turning illegal citizens into legal ones, for the purpose of having more people immediately dependent on government programs? And for the benefit of keeping politicians in power? So unlimited is that authority, in fact, that the President can unilaterally, by executive order, override existing immigration law. That’s how it was with President Obama.

Yet when President Trump acts within his Constitutional limits (the Supreme Court even agrees, 9-0), not for the purpose of extending welfare benefits to more non-U.S. citizens, but for the purpose of protecting Americans from even more violence and terrorism than they already endure, it’s an unspeakable, bigoted and racist act? And unconstitutional as well? But how could this be unconstitutional if Obama’s naked, brazen power grabs were not?!

Leftists are gloomier than ever. But they brought this all on themselves. By demanding that those who disagreed with Obama take everything blindly and without any dissent or opposition, they created a counterwave they had every reason to expect. Hopefully, this is only the beginning.

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