Obamacare: You Can’t Fix Stupid

Vice President Mike Pence highlighted the nearly 2 million Americans who have dropped Obamacare this year in a Tuesday speech to employees at U.S. Health and Human Services ahead of meetings with lawmakers at the White House and on Capitol Hill.

The Vice President called the “ongoing collapse” of Obamacare — the “death spiral” — one of the most pressing issues facing Americans today. “This will be the North Star of our Administration,” Pence said of improving the healthcare system.

“We are going to repeal and replace Obamacare,” he said, citing the broken promises of the Affordable Care Act.

Do you notice how when progressive or socialist policies fail, there’s never any accountability? A lot of people acknowledge Obamacare was a disaster. Even if you believe in socialism, it failed to work because millions are running for their lives from it. Yet nobody who designs these monstrosities is ever held accountable.

The more government interferes in the private economy – especially health care – the less blame government gets for making it more and more of a mess. In Great Britain, they’ve had all-out socialized medicine for generations. It’s a catastrophe, a totally bankrupt and inefficient nightmare that contributed to all the political instability in their recent deadlocked election. Each side, liberal and conservative, claims they can fix it, but it only gets worse, no matter whose watch it’s on. People who live under socialized medicine are chronically unhappy with it, kind of like public education. Yet they keep clamoring for more, more and more of it. The quest for something for nothing knows no boundaries!

That’s the darkly fascinating thing about socialism, to me. The more broken it gets, the more tenaciously people cling to it. Try criticizing Obamacare to a progressive Democrat, or try pointing out facts that it did absolutely nothing it promised to do, and you’ll be met with the ferocity and name-calling that always accompanies denial. And even conservatives claim they can fix it. “We’ll replace Obamacare,” they keep saying. Replace it with what? With more red tape, coercion, command-and-control bureaucracy? It can’t be done. And if conservatives mean even 5 percent of what they preach every election season, they know it cannot be done and should not be tried. Yet they keep trying. No wonder they can’t agree upon or find a conservative alternative to replace Obamacare. It’s because there is none – other than freedom. That’s the one thing nobody seems willing to try in medical care, or any other sector of the economy being crushed by government subsidies, control, regulation and mandates. Just try leaving it up to people, just once.

You cannot replace the impossible and undesirable with something similar. Repeal it? Sure. But there’s nothing to replace it with, other than freedom. Freedom and liberty. Imagine that! The answers have been there all along, and always will be. It’s up to us to embrace them.


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