In These Bewildering Times, Opponents of Religious Dictatorship Are “Fascist”

People protesting against Sharia Law on Saturday were verbally and physically attacked by opponents in many cities including Phoenix, Chicago, Austin, Atlanta, New York, Boston, and Seattle. Opponents of these protestors claim that people who object to Sharia Law are “fascist”.

Now let’s get this straight.  Under Sharia Law, women must be submissive to men, sexual intercourse with pre-pubescent females and rape is sometimes permissible and the punishment for blasphemy is death. Sharia law does not merely refer to a self-imposed, voluntarily accepted discipline of people who subscribe to Islamic religion. It refers to the law of the land.

So exactly how does opposition to Sharia Law constitute “fascism”?

The opposition to Sharia Law is articulated by an organization called “ACT! for America”. Their mission statement reads:     This is a march against Sharia law and for human rights. Our nation is built on the freedom of religion – a pillar of our democracy – which we must always respect, protect, and honor. However, many aspects of Sharia law run contrary to basic human rights and are completely incompatible with our laws and our democratic values.

In spite of this, many marches on Saturday were disrupted by counter-demonstrators, who accused participants of “Islamaphobia” and stoking hatred against Muslims. They also call opponents of Sharia law “fascists”.

We live in bewildering times. If you disagree with the progressive establishment on federally mandating equal pay for women, then you’re called a fascist. If you disagree with the progressive establishment for forcing people who don’t believe in abortions to pay for them, or cover them in private insurance plans, then you’re called a fascist. If you disagree with that same progressive establishment that Sharia Law should be protested on grounds that it’s brutally irrational toward women and violates individual rights for women (as well as gays and many others), you’re labeled a fascist.

A fascist refers to someone who supports an authoritarian government. Strictly speaking, fascism is an economic system where government permits nominal ownership of private property while running business behind the scenes. Many supporters of fascism use this government control of the economy to advance their own ideologies of racism or other forms of authoritarianism.

So how is objecting to Sharia Law fascist? And why will progressives in Congress, “deep state” holdovers from the Obama administration, academia and media not permit any objection to Sharia Law? Why are you a hater if you hate the fact that some people wish to turn America into a totalitarian dictatorship based on the ideology of Islam? Aren’t the real haters the progressives who spread hatred against people who seek to stop the hatred and savagery Sharia Law would impose on civilization?

Muslims have the right to seek the imposition of Sharia Law on all of civilization. People who object to such an incineration of our liberties are dismissed as haters and fascists. It seems like we’re already living under a religious dictatorship, aren’t we? Or at least we’re almost there.


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