“House of Cards” Belongs on TV, Not in DC

Here’s an excellent statement from President Trump’s attorney: Today, Mr. Comey admitted that he unilaterally and surreptitiously made unauthorized disclosures to the press of privileged communications with the President. The leaks of this privileged information began no later than March 2017 when friends of Mr. Comey have stated that he disclosed to them the conversations that he had with the President during their January 27, 2017 dinner and February 14, 2017 White House meeting. Today, Mr. Comey admitted that he leaked to friends of his, purported memos of those privileged conversations, one of which he testified, was classified. Mr. Comey also testified that immediately after he was terminated he authorized his friends to leak the contents of those memos to the press in order to, in Mr. Comey’s words, “prompt the appointment of a special counsel.” Although Mr. Comey testified that he only leaked the memos in response to a tweet, the public record reveals that the New York Times was quoting from those memos the day before the referenced tweet, which belies Mr. Comey’s excuse for this unauthorized disclosure of privileged information and appears to be entirely retaliatory. We will leave it to the appropriate authorities to determine whether these leaks should be investigated along with all the others that are being investigated.

Leaking is what politicians do when they don’t have a case for their positions. Other than endless spending, borrowing and expansion of government power over every last detail of our lives, I no longer know what the Democratic agenda is. It does not seem accurate to even call it “socialism” any longer. Socialism refers to a political ideology grounded in a philosophical belief (an erroneous one) that man is his brother’s keeper and it’s government’s right and obligation to impose this viewpoint on people by force. I don’t know that Democrats are socialists so much as people angry and bitter beyond reason that they no longer hold the power to which they feel perpetually entitled.

Remember Seinfeld, the show about “nothing”? This whole Russia/Comey affair is the scandal about nothing. Seinfeld was much more entertaining. So is Netflix’s House of Cards. Mr. Comey’s testimony about nothing represents the ridiculous spectacle that Washington DC, at least on the Democratic side, has become (and many Republicans qualify too). It seems plain as day that Comey shifted positions back and forth throughout 2016 based on whom he thought would win the presidency. One day he’s investigating Hillary Clinton and the next day he’s not. Ultimately, his strategy of expediency backfired. He lost his power and now he’s bitter. It does not take a rocket scientist, and it does not take Sigmund Freud, either, to understand his probable motivations. The rest of us are left with the unpleasant fact that the FBI became completely politicized under Comey’s watch. Donald Trump will take the hit for that too, but anyone with half a brain can see it was Comey’s doing, and indirectly Obama’s, since it was Obama’s Justice Department.

Power is the only thing that Democrats seem to care about. Instead of making an impassioned plea for the ideological principles of socialism they used to stand for, all they can do is literally make up scandals in hopes that this will bring down a President and return them to power. Power, power, power. Power to do what? It no longer seems to matter to them. We flatter these leftist Democrats by even calling them socialists. They don’t care about anything at all other than holding on to power. Deny them that power and they will foam at the mouth, with fake news agencies like CNN and MSNBC acting as their warped, inaccurate mouthpieces.

I am sick of it and can barely take the time to follow it.

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