So Now “Whiteness” Is a Form of Terrorism

The woman who allegedly leaked top-secret information from the National Security Agency to a news outlet once said that “being white is a form of terrorism”.

It sounds like a fringe attitude. But it’s much closer to the way we do things than most of us realize.

Look at what political correctness has done to our society and the world. If a black police officer shoots a black citizen, or a white citizen, it’s not even news. If a white police officer kills anyone of a color other than white, it’s automatically and always a guilty verdict, first in the media and then with the feds. Objectivity and justice are gone.

Look at wealth redistribution. Wealth is automatically and always associated with white men. Plenty of white men are not wealthy, and plenty of nonwhite men and women have loads of money. No matter. Wealth means white, and because wealth means white, the government sees fit to redistribute it via taxes and subsidies to favored groups, none of them white.

Former president Barack Obama pined for slave reparations throughout his time in office, despite the fact that slavery ended generations ago and both victims and victimizers are long dead. Leftist socialist white male billionaire Mark Zuckerberg — who does not appear to like white men much, although he presumably likes himself — calls for a guaranteed national income, largely to correct imbalances in income among racial groups.

Political correctness is always pushed in the name of fighting racism. Yet the moment you elevate race to the top or only characteristic about a person that matters is the moment you’ve become a racist. We’re taught in our government-run schools and government-funded universities that racism only consists of whites doing wrong things to blacks, and that a black person’s perception of wrongdoing is all the evidence required.

Yet in reality, racism consists of making race an issue and holding one race as superior to another. The stated purpose of the Civil Rights movement back in the 1950s and 1960s was equality under the law and in stature. Instead, more than fifty years later, we’ve got glorified punks claiming “whiteness is a form of terrorism”. That’s not exactly progress, is it? And it has nothing whatsoever to do with equality.

Martin Luther King, Jr., put it eloquently: “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” Today, thanks to the toxicity of political correctness, we judge nonwhite people favorably for the fact they are not white, and whites (especially males) unfavorably merely because they are white. It’s sick, twisted, wrong and senseless.

It’s not that shocking to hear someone say, “Whiteness is a form of terrorism”. We already treat it as a moral flaw. Today’s racism is just as nasty and unfair as the racism of an earlier era.

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