Why Democrats Are Screwed, No Matter What Happens to Trump

Hillary Clinton says she lost the presidential election because of FBI Director James Comey. It’s all James Comey’s fault.

Two days later, when President Trump fires FBI Director James Comey, Hillary Clinton and her fellow Democrats are outraged. They speak of Comey as if he’s the most honest, reliable FBI Director in American history. Trump’s decision to fire him—something most expected a lot sooner—is proof that he has something to hide. What’s he hiding? Ties with Russia. What’s the evidence of ties with Russia? None, but those ties are there. Don’t you think otherwise!

When people act in such ludicrous ways, you can be sure that their motives are not what they claim they are. Democrats and progressives claim to care about American democracy, liberty and freedom. Yet if they really cared about any of those things, they would not change their positions to suit the whims of the moment.

The only explanation for all this? Lust for power. People like Hillary Clinton and other Democrats only care about power. If they cared about liberty, then they would want the evil James Comey gone regardless of whether or not Donald Trump fired him. But they don’t care about what’s true, what’s logically consistent, or what’s best for America. They only care about getting back in power. They believe that by tearing Trump down — logic be damned — they will get back into power, and all will be well.

But will it?

Imagine that Democrats succeed. I’m not saying they will. But let’s get real. We’re only one election away from having a Democratic House of Representatives. I’m not saying it will happen, but it’s numerically possible. If we have a Democratic House of Representatives in two years, it’s all but certain this next Congress will impeach Donald Trump. This does not guarantee the still Republican Senate will remove him from office, but, like Bill Clinton, Donald Trump could easily be impeached by a Democratic House. And unlike Bill Clinton, all of the Democratic media and academia would roar about its historical significance. When Bill Clinton was impeached, it was forgotten the next day by academia and the media, but that will not be the case with Donald Trump, if it happens.

There are innumerable other ways Democrats could win. Hillary Clinton is clearly licking her chops for another run at the presidency in 2020. I have said this for 25 years: This woman will not give up her lust for power until she’s dead. It’s up to Democrats to decide whether to run her again, but it’s entirely possible they will, and it’s possible she could win. Or that another candidate could win, especially if Donald Trump screws it up, as he absolutely can.

What then?

Democrats show the tunnel vision displayed by most irrational people, including power lusters drunk on power. All they can think about is regaining their power. If they get their power back, all will be well—for them. Who else is there, after all, but them?

I’ll tell you who: Millions of people who voted for Donald Trump. Even if they end up disgusted by or disappointed with Trump, their views, attitude and rage over “the swamp” will not be gone. If anything, the anger will only become more intense. It’s up to Donald Trump and his administration to hold onto these voters and citizens. There are millions of them, as we know–enough to have won the Electoral College last time. Democrats and progressives act, think and feel as if the entire world is urban California or New York. But millions of people live in other kinds of places. Most of them are really pissed off, and will be even more pissed off if Donald Trump lets them down—which will have to be the scenario for the Democrats to regain power. Most of these pissed off people are armed, the very thing progressive Democrats did not wish to have happen, because it’s precisely peaceful and law-abiding, good people they most dread seeing armed.

Do they really think it’s going to be a picnic?

Here’s what I wrote in August 2016, before Donald Trump got elected President, in my column entitled, “After the Election”:

We’re not facing the issues. We have our heads in the sand, and most of us point fingers to avoid talking about the real issues. We have stopped listening to each other because, quite frankly, our fundamental ideals and beliefs are not the same. When this happens in a marriage, it’s generally a sign that the marriage is over. When it happens in a country, it’s a sure sign of civil breakdown if not civil war. I wish I were wrong, and I sure would love to be wrong, but the evidence seems overwhelming. Study the years leading up to America’s Civil War, and you’ll find parallels in today’s America. Back then, the issues were different, but the psychological atmosphere is the same. Each side is done listening to the other, because each side quite frankly recognizes it has irreconcilable differences with the other. Liberty versus socialism? There’s no reconciling the two.

What I learned after the election was how I underestimated the social divisions – deeper than politics – dividing America right now. These divisions are complex, but if I had to summarize them, I would do as follows: the producers versus the parasites. The producers are those who work and the parasites are those who take – whether from the government, via welfare services, or from political pull, i.e., those members of the bipartisan, permanent political class known as “The Swamp”.

Democrats are drunk with madness and power. Their power depends on the weakness of people who depend on them for their various handouts. Power dependent on weakness is always a perilous thing. Power-mad Democrats cannot and will not see what’s awaiting them if they do manage to win an election or two again. Like heroin addicts, they can only see their next fix, something they’re prepared to extract at any cost. Nor have they yet faced what will become of their ideas and movement if they fail to win again. They’re in a lose-lose regardless of what happens to the rest of us.

The only way Democrats and progressives can ever “win” again? By imposing their will by total force. By going full Communist, the way many of them are starting to sound. Donald Trump gave many of these control-freak, liberty-hating leftists the excuse they always wanted to bring out their “inner totalitarians”. By establishing a dictatorship, they could win, I suppose. But I have a hunch that those who voted for Donald Trump will not go quietly into a dictatorship. And what does it say about leftists that dictatorship is their only hope?

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