Ann Coulter & the Growing Tyranny of the American Left

Attorney Harmeet Dhillon, who is representing the Berkeley College Republicans in their free speech case against the University of California, Berkeley over failing to allow Ann Coulter to speak on campus on equal terms, slammed the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) for ignoring the case.

The issue here? Principle versus politics.

The ACLU, along with other leftist groups, never were principled. They were always about politics.

What kind of politics? Big government socialism. Actually, the left has moved beyond socialism to all-out Communism. How else could you explain the absence of the least unprincipled of the leftist groups, the ACLU, when it comes to defending speech on campuses?

Let’s be clear: Any college campus should be an exclusively private institution. If we had a completely 100 percent private system of higher education, any such institution would be free to exclude Ann Coulter or anyone else it chooses. The problem is that UC Berkeley receives funding from the state of California. Even though California is overwhelmingly Democratic, millions of people in California are not Democratic. And many of those millions want Ann Coulter, and others like her, to speak on campus. Berkeley also receives federal funds. Millions of Americans—the same ones who elected Donald Trump President in November—would like Ann Coulter, and others like her, to speak at Berkeley.

While advocates of leftist speakers who pay taxes have unlimited rights, advocates of non-leftist speakers have no rights. Yet both groups are forced to pay federal and state taxes to support places like UC Berkeley. This is tyranny, plain and simple!

It’s undemocratic to take state and federal funds for universities, and then deny speakers who represent half of the population the right to speak. It all shows how the Democratic Party is no longer democratic, assuming it ever was. When you start using government funds to advance your own views while forbidding the views of dissenters, there’s nothing else to call it other than Communistic. Or, if you prefer, call it fascist. The idea is the same either way: totalitarianism. That’s where one of the two major parties in America now stands, and it’s mighty disturbing to a lot of us.

People unhappy with Ann Coulter or other conservative dissenters speaking on college campuses should be the loudest voices for total and complete privatization of university education. In such a context, they’d be free to exclude any and all dissenting opinion. Why they would wish to do so and still call themselves a university is another question, but they’d enjoy the right.

But leftist groups like the ACLU care nothing for principle. They only care for the advancement and preservation of their own socialist, leftist, progressive big government views (along with the loot). So far as they’re concerned, the rest of us can go to hell – and be forced to pay their way in the process.

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