If Only It Were Fake News

Imagine an article on a conservative website that said the following: “Were it not for women, socialism would not be on the march throughout the world. Socialism is slavery, because it subjects privately earned wealth and the means of production to the whims of government officials and dictators. Nazism was National Socialism; Communism is socialism, too. The only way to rid the world of this problem is to rid the world of toxic females, particularly females of color, who vote this way in large numbers. It’s time to disenfranchise them.”

Relax. It’s not a real article. It’s a fake article. But just imagine if it were real. The media would be whipped into a frenzy unlike anything the world has ever seen. Calls for Donald Trump’s immediate impeachment or execution — since everything’s his fault, it seems — would reverberate throughout the Internet. The outrage would be deafening. Hollywood celebrities and rock stars would break down in hysterical sobs, demanding censorship from the stage.

But what happens when the same thing is published, only from the opposite direction? In other words, if someone says that capitalism is evil, and that its continued existence is the fault of white men being allowed to vote, and, therefore, we should eliminate the white male’s right to vote?

It has happened. And there’s barely a peep.

The South African edition of left wing media site The Huffington Post has published an opinion piece accusing white men of being a retrograde force in politics and calling for the vote to be withdrawn from the racial gender group as a means to advance the “progressive cause”.

Apparently The Huffington Post took down the article. But did they really have to do so? What would have been the consequences, for them, if they hadn’t? Not much. Have they lost a single leftist, Democrat, progressive reader over this article? I doubt it.

I’d like to know what the white males who voted for Hillary Clinton think of this position. I’d like to know how wildly different this position is from the position of a lot of people who voted for Hillary Clinton. Presumably Democrats who read The Huffington Post don’t want to take the vote away from white males who vote Democratic, right? And maybe, to be fair, most of them don’t want to take away the vote from anyone, at least explicitly. But doesn’t their party support things like Federal Election Commission regulations to hamper the candidacies of people whom white males tend to support in greater numbers, people like Donald Trump, for example? And didn’t their party, under Obama, support the efforts of the IRS to silence Tea Party and other groups that expressed dissenting opinions about Obama’s policies? In principle, how are these actions any different? Aren’t they the same thing — only a lot sneakier?

How are we supposed to take people seriously when they call for an end to racism, on the one hand, and then call for the outright violation of rights for people based upon their race and their gender? People on the left are prepared to literally outlaw what they consider “hate speech.” While I do not agree with outlawing any form of speech, hateful or otherwise, doesn’t this hatred of whites and males qualify as the most blatant form of hatred and racism/sexism you could encounter? Where’s the outrage from the people who otherwise become outraged at the drop of a hat over racism and sexism from the other direction?

We’ll never get the answers. Why? Because with the kind of profound hatred and fear embodied by today’s political left, there is no rationality left. Reason isn’t the point.

Sure, The Huffington Post took the article down. But why did they put it up in the first place? It’s revealing. It’s because they never really considered it that outrageous of a position. It speaks volumes about where the Democratic Party and leftism have gone — and where they intend to take us, if they ever again get the chance. Lovers of liberty and freedom…Watch your backs!

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