With Republicans Like Paul Ryan, Who Needs Democrats?

Here’s the question I hear almost nobody asking. And nobody, especially Paul Ryan, will answer it.

What’s wrong with simply repealing Obamacare?

Why can’t Republicans put forth a bill to repeal Obamacare? They did it when Barack Obama was still president. Although Obama vetoed the bill, Republicans had no trouble writing and getting it to the president’s desk. Why not now? Are we to believe that they’ll only pass laws supporting freedom and liberty when they know those laws have no chance of passing? I’m sure President Trump would have signed that bill. So why not pass it again?

The premise of the Paul Ryan bill is that you have to repeal and replace Obamacare. President Trump left that premise undefended too. Why do you have to replace it? In 2010, Republicans did not want Obamacare, and not a single one voted for it. So what’s wrong with going back to the way it was — and then start talking about the free market reforms the Republicans claim to support?

It’s truly crazy. Democrats and the media are swooning that President Trump and the Republicans failed. But what did they fail to do? They failed to pass a bill that would extend most of Obamacare, in the process placing all responsibility for that awful law on Republicans. Why on earth would Republicans wish to do this, whether the considerations are short-term or long-range and principled?

The defeat of Ryancare is an opportunity to get rid of Paul Ryan as Speaker. If you really think America is on the wrong path, then Ryan is part of that path. The fiasco of the last several weeks proved it once and for all. His effort to ram this bill through Congress was a desperate plea to keep things in health care, and otherwise, as close as possible to the status quo. Shouldn’t that be the Democrats’ job? Paul Ryan has made maintenance of “the swamp” his top priority. With Republicans like Paul Ryan, who needs Democrats?

Ryan claims the defeat of his bill is not the “end of the story.” I don’t know what this means. Based on his actions thus far, however, his comment can only mean that he will persist in his efforts to safeguard and preserve as much of the status quo as he possibly can. If you think he’ll be an ally in reducing the role of the federal government, reducing taxes or “draining the swamp” in any manner, then you’d better pay closer attention to what he’s been doing.

The Freedom Caucus of the Republican Party, who defeated Ryan’s bill even against President Trump’s wishes, is the voice of a principled alternative. The next Speaker should come from that group. I’m hopeful that Donald Trump would accept their leadership. Paul Ryan, and his type, never will. That’s why as Speaker of the House, he’s simply got to go.

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