Bravo, Steve Bannon!

Steve Bannon, President Donald Trump’s chief White House strategist, made it clear in a new interview he does not mind having a rocky relationship with the media.

“The opposition party is completely focused on trying to destroy Trump and his administration,” Bannon told CNN. “It’s not going to happen.”

He has taken to calling the media the “opposition party.”

CNN’s Dylan Byers then asked if Bannon was interested in rebuilding his relationship with the media.

“I could care less,” he replied.

Bravo, Bannon!

His attitude sums up the very same attitude of CNN, The New York Times and all the other established media outlets with regard to Donald Trump’s presidency. They could not care less about objectivity, facts, fairness or anything outside their narrow-minded and one-sided point-of-view. It seems like something worse than arrogance to approach a top aide to a President of the United States whom you’re openly committed to destroying and asking, “Don’t you want to be friends?” Bannon’s attitude is precisely the right one, and what I love is the fact he’s open about it. It’s about time somebody in such a high profile job was.

You don’t build or rebuild a relationship with your known adversaries. If CNN and other openly biased media outlets represent the majority of the American electorate, then Trump’s presidency is likely doomed anyway. If most Americans are foolish enough to think they’re getting actual objective news from places like CNN, then they’re already predisposed to electing Democrats – the party of CNN – in mega-landslides in upcoming elections. Of course, these same media outlets offered evidence throughout Trump’s presidential campaign that his candidacy was doomed to lose in a landslide, and that didn’t exactly happen. So it’s wise of Bannon to count on the possibility that same media could be wrong again.

If we already had a Communist or similar left-wing dictatorship in this country, where the federal government controlled the dissemination of all “news,” it would look precisely like the CNN-ABC-CBS-New York Times-Washington Post Establishment we already have. It’s hard to imagine how any state-run news agency could do a better job of speaking for the corrupt, monopolistic and monolithic/one-party Establishment that still controls Washington, DC and the federal government of what was once a great nation.

Politicians with too much power have almost totally ruined America, including the competence and integrity of its media. The people are ultimately to blame. Unless or until people raise the bar and demand better for themselves, nothing will change. Bannon’s mindset represents the right direction.

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