Michael Moore Reveals the Reason Socialists Detest America

“We have in this country a large ‘hate-America left,'” author David Horowitz recently said. “It dovetails with the Democratic Party. It’s a party of hate.”

“The spirit of the whole Democratic Party looks on people that disagree with it as racist, sexist, homophobes, Islamophobes,” Horowitz added. “That’s why we can’t have a civil discussion in America anymore.”

There’s nothing wrong with hatred, so long as your hatred is based on love of something rational. What, exactly, do Democrats love when they rant with hatred about any and all dissenting opinion? That’s the question.

If you want support for Horowitz’s comments, look no further than the recent statements of left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore: “Civilized countries that have universal healthcare – no country, no group of people, no tribe sh*ts on their own to the extent and the level that we do to each other; it’s the most embarrassing and humiliating thing about this great country,” Moore said on a conference call Thursday held by the Progressive Democrats of America.

“Humans anyplace else, what they don’t do is sh*t on their own,” Moore said. “They need their own for their own defense. They need their own for their own survival – they need their own. They need to protect their children, not say to the child, ‘sorry, no, we got rid of Obamacare. We won’t help you. You’re sick? Tough.’”

Michael Moore hates Americans because, he claims, the majority of Americans are mean and cruel. What makes them mean and cruel? Their refusal to permit the government to force them to take care of strangers. Note how he upholds a tribe as the standard of a proper society. Tribes live as brutal savages with virtually no material, economic or scientific progress for generations on end. Is that what Michael Moore and other socialists who enjoy the benefits of material and semi-capitalistic civilization really want — to live by the standards of backward savages and tribes?

Actually, Americans give voluntarily to charity more than any other society on earth. It makes sense because America, the place with less socialism or government dictatorship than any other place on earth, is also the wealthiest. People cannot be generous with what they have if they have nothing.

Moore, like other collectivist-leftist-socialists, ignores the distinction between voluntary giving and government mandated “charity.” He interprets the lack of widespread support for government-mandated socialism as the equivalent of acting with hostility against others. In his mindset, if you steal, rape or attack another you’re immoral; but you’re just as immoral if you fail to support Obamacare or other mandated coercive schemes designed and imposed by an all-powerful government. Loving your liberty and freedom makes you a scoundrel and worthy of hatred, according to this mentality.

It makes no sense on its own terms. If Moore and other leftists like him are really so upset that Americans won’t support complete socialism, then you think they’d use their international visibility, wealth and connections to expand the work of charities. If helping others were really their goal, they would not engage in non-stop, around-the-clock temper tantrums. Instead, they would put into action what they claim to consider the most important thing, which is giving away money and property to others. There’s nothing in the Constitution, and there’s nothing in any of Donald Trump’s proposed policies, to stop this.

Somebody should say to Michael Moore and other self-righteous, angry and often wealthy left-wing socialists, “If you want to help them, we won’t stop you.” Of course, this would generate even more hostility and hatred of the kind David Horowitz mentions in his comments that Democrats are the party of hatred. Why? Because whatever these disgruntled Democrats are after, it’s not help. It’s not charity. It’s not giving. It’s coercion that they’re after. That’s why they support the modern equivalent of Communism, and are not content with voluntary giving. They’re not content with the considerable amount of government-mandated charity, subsidies and regulations we already have imposed on us.

There’s a deeper question here, as well. Is giving the essence of what makes a human being moral? Or are achievement and productivity at the root of morality? America was always the land of opportunity. To this day, the appeal to many immigrants is that sense of opportunity. Why does opportunity matter? What makes it worthwhile? The ability to achieve. Achievement implies keeping what you earn, for yourself and your family or loved ones. Sure, you’re free to give some of it away; but that’s up to you. People didn’t rush to the United States so they could achieve great things and then be forced to give it all away. It’s true that people who enjoy freedom and liberty do accomplish the most, and those who accomplish the most usually are the most generous. But if you don’t leave people free to produce and achieve, you don’t enable them to earn the wealth and money that people like Michael Moore and his supporters so detest in the hands of those who earned it.

Obamacare is not a charity, either. It simply took an already semi-socialized and over-regulated health care “market” and made it even more expensive and dysfunctional. Before Obamacare, those who worked and paid for medical care picked up the slack for others who didn’t. They didn’t do so because they wanted to; they did so because they were forced to, by the laws, regulations and incentives of the government-controlled health care sector. Obamacare merely took it one step further and made it all even more expensive and onerous. In the end, these laws and regulations end up hurting everyone.

Moore and others are not really screaming about Obamacare. They’re screaming about their sense of impotence that they can’t control other Americans. And in their screams and cries of impotence, they call all dissenters “racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, misogynistic” a**holes who s**t on their fellow man. Wow. What a convincing argument! I feel really motivated to go over to the Democratic side now. Yeah, right!

It’s not harming your fellow man to demand liberty and individual rights equally for yourself and others. And until or unless people like Michael Moore and the Democrats come to understand this fact, they will continue to hate all dissenting opinion. Unfortunately, that’s where David Horowitz is right: the Democratic Party has become the party of hate.

Michael Moore is the ugliest, yet the most honest and clear articulation of this hatred: People like him hate liberty, they hate individual rights, and they hate America when the winds blow even slightly in that direction. That’s why they’re doing everything in their power not only to bring down Donald Trump, but everything that even hints of freedom.

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