Is Immigration to America an Entitlement?

The rage and controversy over President Trump’s so-called “Muslim ban” rests on a single premise: That everyone has a right to become a United States citizen. According to the collectivist/socialist/Communist paradigm, it is indeed the truth. The Communist ideology holds that everyone who is supposedly oppressed (non-whites, gays, women, Muslims, you name it…) has a right to claim what’s his or hers. Muslims and others who live outside of the United States are then, by definition, victims of oppression. Oppression by whom? By all the rest of us, particularly if we are white, male, or legal American citizens. It’s that popular but patently wrong zero-sum attitude where those who have more automatically oppress those who have less.

To the socialist-leftist mindset, rushing immigrants into the country – especially the United States with its massive welfare and entitlement state – is an imperative act of justice. That’s one of the reasons they brand rational attempts to control immigration as “racist.” This Communist/Marxist point-of-view assumes that it’s racist to deny the product of wealth redistribution to those who supposedly need it.

Morally speaking, it is true that human beings enjoy the individual right to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness. Politically speaking, most governments throughout history have denied those rights to individuals. So, the quest to see everyone on Earth enjoy the individual rights that, by and large, Americans have historically enjoyed, explains the romance and benevolence that many imagine immigration still to be. But the truth is not so pretty. The reality is that the United States is now just as much (if not more) a wealth redistribution state based on political connections as it is a genuine land of liberty.

Many of the people who enter our country wish to live their lives in liberty, but many others seek to live off the government, and the government (particularly under the previous administration’s policies) encourages and fosters this dependence. On top of it, Muslims entering the United States do not only come for a life of liberty, which includes a desire to live under a church-state separation; many of them, even if not active terrorists, are more than friendly to the idea of a Muslim-influenced government that enforces their Sharia law, creating multiple dilemmas and problems for those of us who prefer to keep church and state separate. Leftists shriek that it’s politically incorrect to point this out, but it’s a fact whether they like it or not, and everybody knows it.

The truth is simple: Nobody has a right to enter the United States as an entitlement. However, a society based on liberty rationally seeks and embraces all liberty-loving people, so a rational and economically/politically free country has everything to gain by letting people into the country –  as long as they’re fellow liberty-lovers. Insisting they prove that they are, as President Trump demands, is not an act of injustice. If anything, it’s an act of self-preservation for the free country’s very survival.

Donald Trump’s insistence that citizenship be earned flies in the face of Marxist-leaning politicians, professors and judges’ opinions that all inhabitants of the planet are not merely entitled to liberty and individual rights, but also to all manner of goods and services to be paid for by others – education, health care, business subsidies, cell phones, food stamps, you name it.

The so-called “Muslim ban” is much more than a temporary prohibition against people who subscribe to an ideology dedicated to the destruction of America. It flies in the face of the collectivist, socialist idea that American citizens, as the most prosperous on earth, are morally and politically obligated to support those with less. In short, if you’re born or live in the United States as a citizen, you are not only your fellow citizens’ keeper, but the world’s keeper on top of it. The Marxist goal has finally gone international. Stalin and Lenin would be proud.

“From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” That’s the creed of Marxism. Marxism is alive and well in America, particularly in government, academia and Hollywood. That’s the reason that the rage against Donald Trump is so out of control as to verge on full-blown psychosis.



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