Why Progressives Are So Violent

Gay conservative and Breitbart editor Milo Yiannapoulos’s speech on the University of California Berkeley campus Wednesday night was cancelled after violent rioters shut down the university, setting fires that turned the campus into what CNN anchor Jake Tapper described as “an inferno.”

The protesters were described as violent by witnesses on social media and video of the riots confirm that description. Video shows rioters violently attacking Milo supporters and people wearing Trump apparel, mercilessly spraying them with pepper spray.

One video shows a college-aged girl giving an interview before getting pepper-sprayed at the end of the interview by an off-camera assailant. The girl was not the only one pepper-sprayed by protesters.

“For 30 years, the left has been able to bully people into silence by name calling and they’ve forgotten how to argue,” Yiannapoulos said in an interview with Fox News.

Yes. But why?

Clearly, the progressive left has no reason, facts or logic on its side. When you have reason on your side, you don’t need to set fire to campuses where speeches you don’t like will be given. Particularly when 99 percent of what’s said on these campuses conform to your own views. You don’t want to physically assault others for their views when your own views are grounded in reason. You don’t fear others’ opinions, as progressives always claim about dissenters (“You scare me”) because you rationally understand their errors and feel confident in fighting those errors via facts, logic and reason. It reveals a lot that the left’s first and foremost response to dissenting opinion is almost always violence.

The left, who dominates much of government, and virtually all of academia and media, has nothing else to do but – quite literally – set fire to its opponents.

It’s shameful. But for decades, as Yiannapoulos points out, they have been able to get away with it. To a large extent, they still do, and will continue to do so. Why? Because too many people foolishly believe socialists and Democrats – the ones who set fire to their opponents – “care” about others.  But who do they care about, and how do they show this caring? Those are the questions never asked. Yet at incidents like this latest Berkeley rioting, we see exactly which side the socialists and Democrats are on: the side of tyranny and force.

Most of these attacks on dissenting speech happen with the help of federal and state dollars, since those dollars fund the activities of these campuses. Remove all government funding from higher education and watch how quickly these intellectual scumbags will diminish as an influence. Stop forcing people who work, think and produce to pay for them.

Actor and comedian Tim Allen recently said that “the left” should “stop telling” people what to do, adding, “no one is stopping you from paying more taxes.”

He sums it up well. If you want to help people, there’s nothing in a free society to stop you from doing so. George Soros, who funds many of these attacks against people who disagree with the socialist left, could happily donate all or most of his billions to any number of charitable causes. He has enough money to constitute an entire government welfare state. So why doesn’t he do that instead of doing everything possible to extinguish liberty from the American economy and American lives? The question answers itself. It’s not “helping people” that the left is after. It’s control.

They call themselves “progressive.” But remember that heart disease and cancer are progressive, too. These illnesses develop over time and eventually destroy their host. Progressivism, which includes socialism and the destruction (they call it “transformation”) of liberty, is the social equivalent of a disease. It does not help anyone. It does not stand for the things human beings require in order to intellectually, economically and individually breathe: individual rights and liberty.

That’s why proponents of leftism have nothing left to offer but death, fire and destruction. They’re in a rage, and they want us to feel their rage. Turn on the news every day since Trump’s election and you’ll see. It’s not going to stop. Their rage does not stem from the fact that they’re no longer allowed to help others. They remain eminently free to help anyone they want. Their rage stems from the fact they can no longer control others.

Progressivism and socialism never were about care and concern for others. They are about control, and always were. Watch the rioting, the violence and the hatred coming from their mouths and minds. It’s self-evident.

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