The Deplorables Fight Back: Finally a President Willing to Take on ISIS

Here are three examples — from today alone — of why America is losing to ISIS and Islam. They come from the comments of three established career politicians — two of them Republican, by the way.

“The effect will probably, in some areas, give ISIS some more propaganda,” says U.S. Senator John McCain, referring to President Trump’s decision to restrict immigration of Muslims.

And so this is a reason not to support Trump’s decision? I do not understand. I’m sure that the attacks on Hitler fueled Nazi propaganda in World War II. Attacks on the moral and economic unsustainability of Communism certainly increased Soviet propaganda. So what?

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on ABC’s “This Week” program it was a good idea to tighten the vetting of immigrants, but “I also think it’s important to remember that some of our best sources in the war against radical Islamic terrorism, are Muslims, both in this country and overseas … We need to be careful as we do this.”

And how well has this worked out for us so far? Aside from 9/11, we have unending and escalating violence against American citizens abroad as well as at home. We didn’t win World War II by refusing to go after Nazis, and we won’t win jihad by pretending that Islam, and therefore most Muslims, are friends of America.

And then there’s Hillary Clinton, with the old stand-by in her opposition to Trump’s more aggressive stance against Islam and Muslims: “This is not who we are.” Speak for yourself, Hillary. Standing up to violent, murdering bullies is not who you are, and we already know that. That’s why we’re badly losing the war against Islamic terrorism, a jihad declared by the jihadists, not by Americans, by the way. But taking a more defiant and combative stand is who a lot of us are, and that’s why you lost the election to the millions of Americans you sneer at as “deplorables.”

The deplorables are fighting back. Why? Because we understand that the true deplorables are the actual people who initiate cruel and inhuman violent acts against others. In today’s world, those are primarily advocates of Islam, including those who quietly look the other way and say nothing as brutality occurs, over and over, in the name of their faith. Remember: There is no mass movement (nor any discernable movement at all) of Muslims against all the brutality done in their religion’s name. Islam’s enablers, such as Hillary Clinton, Mitch McConnell and John McCain, are just as bad and — in a way — worse, because they try to shame us into giving in.

The common theme in all three of these comments is, “You can’t make other people mad. If you do, they’ll really come after you.” Earth to Hillary Clinton, John McCain and Mitch McConnell: They already are coming after us. You’ve been in office so long that you no longer notice, or perhaps no longer care. Your power immunizes you from the perception that people who murder others are for real. Maybe you can perceive that they don’t really matter, but they exist just the same. Ask anyone whose loved one has died from one of the many attacks of Islamic terrorists over the last four decades or more. Stop saying, “Shame on you” for wanting to fight back. Shame on you, entrenched career politicians, for not caring.

I don’t know if President Trump has a chance to defeat Islam and its violent invasion of the West, once and for all. I do know that the Republicans and Democrats in Congress will do everything in their power to stop him. They have already started. For whatever twisted reasons, they seem hell-bent on helping make America’s destruction easier. Only the “deplorables” seem willing to fight back.

Nobody knows for certain if Trump’s policies will defeat terrorism. We do know one thing, however: Those who have failed at doing so for literally decades have no business trying to shame Americans into NOT trying something different. People like McCain, McConnell and Clinton are the least qualified and capable of showing us how to defeat terrorism. They’re the last ones to whom we should ever listen.

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