Progressives Don’t Like Back Talk

Meryl Streep’s diatribe against people with differing political views is nothing new from Hollywood. Progressives and leftists have done this for years. Ronald Reagan, George Bush I and George Bush II were all fascist, insensitive pigs who wanted to steal from old people and starve children, airheaded Hollywood types droned on a daily basis. The difference is that Donald Trump fights back. And they don’t like it!

Hard core Democrats such as Meryl Streep never hesitate to use their public visibility to spread their political views. In a way this is fine, but they never permit the same respect for people of differing views. That’s the problem. The psychological atmosphere of Hollywood is like that of a dictatorship. You’re dead in the water if you hold or express even one differing political view. Imagine someone in Hollywood doing what Meryl Streep did, but from an anti-Obama or anti-Hillary Clinton perspective at the Golden Globe or Academy Awards. The response would be apocalyptic.

Streep attacked Donald Trump’s character, and by extension anyone who voted for him or who disagrees with her on politics. It has nothing to do with the handicapped, and nothing to do with the First Amendment, either. Streep just wants a Democrat in the White House; it’s politics, and nothing more or less than that. Donald Trump responded to the attack with his own attack. Trump tweeted the next day, “Meryl Streep, one of the most over-rated actresses in Hollywood, doesn’t know me but attacked last night at the Golden Globes…”

Another celebrity leftist, Barbara Streisand, had a public hissy fit that Donald Trump would dare to fight back. “Why is he not sitting through briefings rather [than] tweeting this nonsense?” she huffed. Why shouldn’t Trump defend himself? When Streep and Streisand attack Trump’s motives and character, they’re attacking the motive and the character of any of us who voted for Trump, as well as any of us who simply don’t share their politics. I know I’m not the only one sick of it, and in a way Trump speaks for all of us when he fights back. Here’s hoping he keeps doing so for the entire 4-8 years he’s in office. These leftists are angry, petulant crybullies. Nobody ever stands up to them, least of all in the Communist-lite cocoons they inhabit in and around Hollywood. It’s time somebody did, especially someone as high-profile as President of the United States.

As an interesting aside, Streep, in her Golden Globes rant, prattled on about an organization called the Committee to Protect Journalists. Now who could be against protecting journalists, right? But it’s not journalists we need to protect. It’s the First Amendment and freedom of speech we have to protect. Most professional journalists are hardcore Democrats like Streep. Of course they have First Amendment rights, but so do the less conventional, less Democratic journalists. The only solution is to protect freedom of speech equally for everyone.

Trump hasn’t even entered office yet, and he’s already considered by progressives to be an open enemy of free speech. What about Obama’s threats against free speech? His attorney general repeatedly threatened to prosecute people who criticize Islam or question global warming. Would Meryl Streep and Barbara Streisand have shrieked over those attacks on freedom of speech? They certainly didn’t while Barack Obama was president.

Self-described progressives like Meryl Streep don’t care about freedom of speech. It’s only some journalists they wish to protect — their kind of journalists at CNN, ABC, HuffPost and MSNBC. The ones who only support their narrative of endless big government and socialistic do-goodism through government coercion. Here’s hoping Donald Trump blasts them again and again and again. It’s about time somebody did.


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