Socialism, Not Globalism, is Why the U.N. Should Go

New York and the United Nations: Time for a Divorce, reads a headline. And it’s right on the money.

Many who oppose the U.N. oppose “globalism.” But the issue isn’t globalism. The issue is socialism.

In varying degrees, all of the world’s governments function as some form of a socialist state. I’m including Islamist states, because religious dictators command and control the economy just like secular dictators do, only for different reasons. Some of the socialist states are “democratic.” But as Ayn Rand put it, you can’t vote away someone’s rights. Just because you get a group of people together to steal another person’s wealth, or impede their right to sell/purchase in a free market, does not make it right. It’s still socialism, and it’s still wrong.

To make removing the U.S. from the U.N. meaningful, the United States, through its government, first has to make up its mind: Are we socialist, or not? We know Obama’s answer. If we are socialist, then we have everything to gain by trading favors and other people’s property rights with the dictators of other nations. If we’re a free country, on the other hand, then the United States has absolutely nothing to gain by associating with a bunch of creeps who sit in the U.N., never having worked an honest day of their lives, trying to manage the entire world’s economy from a single world capital. In a world filled with free market economies, various associations among governments might make sense to clarify trade agreements and property rights, but there would be no perceived need for a U.N. to stop world war. Free economies don’t start wars, and don’t benefit from wars. Only totalitarian or authoritarian nations do. If you want to get rid of war, don’t support the U.N.; support economic and political freedom.

Back when the United States was more capitalist than socialist — arguably before the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt, and certainly before Obama — the United States led by example. The United States did not set out to be a “leader.” It simply set the standard by raising the bar so high that nobody could argue with the fact that economic freedom — real, hands off capitalism — was the only system that could ever deliver the goods. Capitalism raised the standard of living for all, because instead of focusing on the impossible and irrational goal of economic equality, it focused on the accountability and incentives that come from private ownership. The more successful you are, the more you’re able to keep, under capitalism. In the process, capitalism became not only the most economically productive system in history — by far — but the most moral one, as well. This mindset could not be more at odds with the elite, parasitical, tribalistic and thoroughly socialistic mindset of the entire United Nations body.

The globalism represented by the U.N. rested on the faulty, wrong premise that some form of socialism is the way to go. This flies in the face not only of American history, but of simple, obvious facts. By belonging to the U.N., the United States sends out the message that it’s no morally better than any other system, even if our original capitalist system upheld the rights of the individual while other systems uphold the “rights” of the politically connected, dooming everyone else to mediocrity or slavery. Under Obama, the United States took another step, one beyond that of moral relativism. Obama implicitly and explicitly told the world that the United States is actually inferior to other countries, at least the extent to which it embraces economic freedom and individualism over the command-and-control collectivism of the global elites.

Ridding the United States (and therefore the planet) of the United Nations would be the welcome end of a long-standing travesty. Under the socialists who run this glorified gulag, there’s nothing “united” about it, unless you mean united by the force and brutality of a government gun. Nations don’t unite; only individuals can. And individuals will never authentically and willingly unite unless they form rational, just governments in free societies. This means not only political freedom for free speech and self-protection, but also economic freedom, to trade without any government interference unless there’s fraud.

Long live individualism. Let the globalist socialists perish on the ash heaps and hell holes they’ve created in places like Cuba, Venezuela, and North Korea. In fact, we should send them to these wretched places and make them live under the systems they so glorify.

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