Race and Gender Are NOT Achievements

Here’s a great rebuttal to the feminist argument that I recently ran across in an article:

“If your value is tied to the fact that you’re a woman in a traditionally male job, then the focus is directed to gender, not what you’re able to accomplish in whatever role you’ve chosen.  Ultimately, what’s meant to dispel gender ideals ends up detracting from individual accomplishment.  Gender is not an accomplishment.”

Very true. Gender is not an accomplishment. The same can be said about race, hair color, eye color or one’s genetic make-up.

The sinister thing about conventional, p.c. attitudes? They smuggle in racism and sexism while claiming to be just the opposite. Remember that racism and sexism make things like gender or race the all-important factor in human relations and accomplishment. Whether it’s a KKK member burning crosses or a more contemporary faceless bureaucrat demanding racial quotas favoring blacks or Hispanics, the emphasis on race is the same. It’s all racist.

Psychologically, the sickness of p.c. progressivism feeds off unearned guilt. Advancement of these arguments does not count on rational persuasion. Their policies are almost always imposed by force. Progressives are never educators; they are always regulators. What p.c. advocates count on is your feeling guilty. Did you notice that every time something didn’t go Obama’s way during his miserable presidency that he’d blame it on “institutional racism”? There’s a specific purpose for that. Most people don’t know what “institutional racism” or sexism actually is. You’re not supposed to understand. You’re just supposed to think or feel, “I guess I’m part of that. I’d better buckle under and do what The Man says. Otherwise, I’m a racist.”

You can replace the same mentality when sexism is thrown around as if it’s somehow your fault, personally. In reality, the true sexists and racists are the ones who treat race and gender as if they’re achievements. They’re not.

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