Slurs & Package Deals: “Hater” is the New Racist

Anyone who doesn’t want big expansive government — socialism, collectivism, high taxes, the welfare state, and the intrusive regulatory state — is used to being called “racist.” Now it seems that if you don’t like these things, and particularly if you voted for Donald Trump, you’re a “hater.”

First of all, why is it automatically and always wrong to hate? I love liberty; therefore, I hate all forms of coercion, and that includes democratic socialism. I cherish individual rights and individualism; therefore, I loathe anyone who seeks to undermine them. I love objective truth, beauty and rationality; it logically follows that I detest their opposites. I love unhampered capitalism and economic freedom because of all the excitement, prosperity and comfort they generate; therefore, I detest systems like socialism or Communism known for fostering stagnation, depravity and despair. I highly value the separation of church and state; so of course I despise Islam and its Sharia Law.

What in the world is wrong with hatred when you hate the right things?

When you tell me someone’s a “hater,” you haven’t told me anything bad about a person. What someone hates tells us something about what that same person loves.

The people who call lovers of liberty and individualism “haters” are self-refuting hypocrites. Most of the time, they speak with ridicule and contempt of anyone who disagrees with them. Don’t they hate the people they call haters?

Communist and Obama lover Van Jones recently told Rolling Stone that only a “Love Army” will conquer Donald Trump. Sickening and absurd. It’s supposed to morally and psychologically disarm people who voted for Donald Trump. “Oh, my. If I voted for Trump, I’m a hater.” But look at what Van Jones loves. He loves the brutality of coercion, force and compulsion. He adores the identity of race (from his perspective, being black is the superior race) above the identity of the individual. He wants to make America less like the land of the free and more like Soviet Russia, Communist China or impoverished Cuba. If Donald Trump is a hater of the things Van Jones loves, we’ll be fortunate indeed to have him as president.

In part because I’m a professional therapist, I can “smell” manipulators and peddlers of unearned guilt from a mile away. When I’m called a “hater” for loving the things I love, and therefore for hating their opposites, I don’t feel any guilt at all. Instead, I wonder what’s wrong with the people who hate the things I love. If you ask me, those are the haters to avoid.

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