Savor the Moment

It’s not about Donald Trump. It’s about justice in the universe. It’s about “there being a God,” not in the sense of believing in the supernatural, but in the sense of bad people eventually getting what they deserve.

“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” This irrefutable law of physics affects us every minute of every day. In the internal combustion engine. When a bat contacts a baseball. Or when you walk. Oh, and sometimes even in presidential elections.

After Ronald Reagan, and up to and including the ho-hum Bush years (both Bushes, really), there has been no effective action. Business as usual. Handouts happily given (paid for on the backs of people with actual jobs); a bottomless pit of money thrown at special interests, and politicians mysteriously becoming millionaires while in office.

Then, in the name of “change,” the leftist establishment inserted a far-left extremist – an Islamo-Marxist ideologue, in fact – into the White House. He preached condescendingly, and he did multiple end runs around the Constitution. He clearly broke laws. Of course the leftists loved it – and the “progressive” establishment (read: Clinton Foundation and the like) continued to line their pockets. But 50% of the country was doing a slow burn. They saw what was happening, but it was almost drowned out by the entitled shrieks of “outraged” progressives. The burn was slow, it was quiet, but it was a burn nonetheless.

Enter: Donald Trump. Suddenly, the middle-class people on whose backs the leftists were lining their pockets heard their own voices. Hey! This guy actually has a job and works for a living. (Something Barack and Hillary could never say.) He gets a paycheck, and he actually signs them too. (Ditto on the Barack and Hillary thing.)

Yes, the leftists got eight years of their condescending and petulant Islamo-Marxist. But the reaction against him, ignited by Donald Trump, was just as swift and angry as the emotions that put Obama in the White House to begin with.

Let’s be honest. Hillary Clinton was a pushy, bossy and unethical First Lady who clawed her way (almost) to the top. She pushed herself around, not by honest effort or rational achievement, but through the intimidation and coercion of pull. She didn’t even use charm, because she had none. Her husband, in his time, was a reasonably popular politician, and she rode on his coattails to higher office. And she had the nerve to call herself a “feminist.” She claimed she was doing “women” a favor when, in truth, she cared for nothing but the advancement of her own personal power and fortune through the inner workings of government. Even her supporters knew it.

Hillary Clinton became a symbol of the idea that it’s OK to be above the law, so long as you’re a socialistic, elite, Islam-loving neoMarxist progressive. Leftists will never know how angry this made the rest of us. For those who still love justice and liberty, the prospect of Hillary Clinton gaining control of the White House and, by extension, the makeup of the Supreme Court for the next 25 years or more became the single thing even more unendurable than Barack Obama.

Hopefully Hillary Clinton and her Clinton Foundation will finally be held accountable for the crimes she undoubtedly committed, crimes for which she would have gleefully indicted and prosecuted her own political enemies with or without evidence. She would have been the most corrupt president in American history, and we all would have paid a price about which we’ll (happily) never know the full extent, thanks to the 2016 election results.

Worst of all, Hillary Clinton would have been a profound and lasting enemy of the First and Second Amendments, the last “two men standing” in America’s Bill of Rights. It’s not just Hillary, but her whole leftist, progressive movement. Now that movement’s quest to utilize courts and the executive branch of government to further restrain freedom of speech, as Obama’s IRS did with the Tea Party and others, has faced some serious setbacks. Rest assured these modern day Communists who refer to themselves as “progressives” will never waver or stop in their quest to completely nationalize, socialize and chill the remaining freedoms in America. Donald Trump’s victory is a reminder that at some point, Americans will still say, “Enough is enough.”

America faces almost unbelievable challenges. Our government is bankrupt and does way, way too much. Entitlement programs are tanking. Taxes and regulations are out of control. Islamofascists have been empowered by the weakness and military decline brought on by the moral and psychological spinelessness of people like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and other glorified twits who will always consider themselves our betters.

But whatever you think of Donald Trump and whatever may be in store for America in the coming years, at least – in this instance – the bad guys lost. It IS a benevolent universe, where truth and justice exist, and where accountability and rationality still matter.

So the next time you see two masses interact and react to one another, i.e., physics in action, think about this election. In fact, we’d have ho-hum business as usual today had it not been for the Chicago/George Soros/Liberal Democrat/Clinton machine that shoehorned Obama into Washington eight years ago. So in a way, not unlike a bat striking a ball, making a loud sound and knocking it out of the park, we can thank them for allowing us to finally reclaim our United States and our Constitution once and for all.

Let’s savor the moment.

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