Why Obamacare’s Collapse Might Not Matter in the Election

Normally, the collapse of a president’s signature legislation would have an impact on the election. But if Hillary Clinton trots to victory as some anticipate, it will be reasonable to ask what happened?

Regardless of who wins the election, Obamacare’s collapse might not matter as much as you think. Why?  Because Obamacare did two things. One, it drove up the cost of health insurance for those who still purchase health insurance. Premiums are set to skyrocket in the coming year. Two, Obamacare expanded eligibility for Medicaid. Because of Obamacare, more people are on government insurance than ever before. People already on Obamacare/Medicaid are not affected by skyrocketing premiums, at least not directly. They will continue to pay $0 premiums.

When the battle to pass Obamacare (and uphold it in court) was fought and won, the battle for socialized medicine was likewise won in the United States. Although Obamacare left in place skeletal remains of a “marketplace,” the people who supported it knew full well what would happen. Notice the lack of defensiveness on the part of Obamacare’s supporters now. They have nothing to apologize for, after all. Their next — and final — step will be to extend Medicaid (or whatever the new government program will be called) to the entire population. Mission accomplished.

If it’s really that easy, why didn’t the United States implement socialized medicine decades earlier? Why struggle with a marketplace and insurance premiums when government can simply wish — excuse me, legislate — whatever it wants into existence? In fact, if socialism is so effective with medical care, and can be created merely by making it free, then why don’t we do that with everything? Why do we need a marketplace for computers, automobiles, brands of clothing, houses, television shows, movies, sports…why doesn’t government just pay for and take over everything?

The answer is obvious: Because everything would suck. Everything would be mediocre at best, or a disaster at worst. Even education, nationalized by the federal government for grades K-12, has a little bit of a marketplace in the form of private schools. Granted, most people cannot afford them, but at least there’s some competition. And in recent decades, homeschooling has emerged as a compelling and affordable superior alternative to public education.

Not so with medical care. Once everyone is on Medicaid or Medicare, health care will be totally government-run. There will be one and only one means for obtaining health care. We’ll all be the equivalent of veterans struggling with the VA socialized system. Unless, of course, doctors, hospitals and other health care providers simply walk away from the system. Only health care providers can save us from socialized medicine, at this point. How? By refusing to participate in it. By simply walking away. It does not seem likely, but it’s our only hope in the coming years.

Obamacare’s collapse was always supposed to happen. Politicians in the Imperial City know this, and they’re not troubled by it. Just so long as they have as many people as possible dependent on the government, this increases their own wealth and power.

The only thing they overlooked? The demand for free health care is literally infinite. In America, the bar is set very high. As the market fades away, everyone will look to Washington DC for more and more and more of what the semi-free market used to provide. We’re already $20 trillion in debt, with no end in sight. How long can this go on?

Dependence on government has its consequences. Hillary may succeed in smirking her way to the presidency. But what difference will it make once the socialists have run out of other people’s money?

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