On Leaving the Country if Trump Wins

Al Sharpton, Miley Cyrus and numerous Hollywood celebrities threaten to leave the United States if Donald Trump is elected president. Even Barack Obama’s press secretary refused to answer when asked if Barack Obama would leave the country if Trump wins.

Just the other day, Miley Cyrus said, “Kiss my Ashtanga ass if you aren’t voting for Hillary.” Real persuasive, isn’t it?

It’s not a fear that Trump will be corrupt. These Hillary Clinton supporters already know she’s corrupt. She openly peddles pull for power, and she (along with her husband) openly made deals with the current U.S. Attorney General to drop charges against her, in exchange for promising to keep her on as Attorney General after Hillary is elected.

If corruption is your concern, it cannot explain why someone would leave the country if Trump is elected, while happily remaining if Hillary Clinton wins.

Some worry that Trump will attempt to exercise dictatorial powers if he wins. But Obama has already done this, by using executive orders in place of legislation, with immigration and other issues. Hillary promises to do much of the same, with controlling or even banning guns, for example. And we all know what she has in store for health care as Obamacare publicly tanks. Nobody doubts she’ll do that through the Department of Health and Human Services, not through the Congress.

Yes, we all know that none of the people threatening to leave the country (perhaps excluding Obama) will do so should Trump actually win. The same kind of people made this threat when George W. Bush was president, and they never left then. We can only assume such threats are a way to make oneself look virtuous in front of one’s friends, or in the world-at-large, if one is a celebrity. “Look at me. I’m so principled I’ll leave my homeland, I hate Trump so much.” Wow, what a strong person says such things! And yet never does it.

The real issue is not a fear of dictatorship. We already have movement in that direction with Clinton and Obama. The real issue is what kind of dictatorship. Is it one run by people who will impose the kinds of ideas you like, such as wealth redistribution, socialized medicine, government control of education (K thru graduate school), government control of the Internet, government control of election campaign content, government control of economic growth via the EPA, and all the rest? Or is it one run by people who appear to hold opposite stands?

I would understand a movement against Donald Trump in favor of a candidacy that consistently upholds the right to free speech, the right to own weapons for self-protection, the right to private property and the right to live in a free market, where everyone keeps the product of what they earn, and where both government favors and subsidies are permanently outlawed. Donald Trump sounds some of those themes, though not all of them. However, Hillary Clinton does not sound a single one of those themes. In fact, she stands for the complete and consistent opposite.

Whatever these self-righteous, intellectually challenged, blowhard celebrities hope to accomplish by threatening to leave the country if Donald Trump wins, it has nothing to do with the cause of freedom, liberty and individual rights. While they certainly care about their own private property, economic freedom and ability to speak candidly without imprisonment, they care little for these issues as a matter of principle when it comes time to vote for Hillary Clinton.

They don’t have a credible leg to stand on. These are the same people who will not be concerned when Hillary Clinton, like Obama, uses the IRS to punish her political enemies, and who uses the threat of executive order to intimidate Congress into passing legislation she wants, and who will use executive power regardless of what Congress does. Nothing Donald Trump has said or implied — accurately interpreted, or not — comes close to what Obama and Hillary Clinton have already done. And if Hillary wins, it will be with full knowledge she can now get away with anything.

It’s not that they fear Donald Trump will be a dictator. They only fear he won’t be their kind of dictator.

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