In Her Own Way, Joy Behar is the Real Tramp

“The View” host Joy Behar called the women who allegedly slept with Bill Clinton “tramps” during a discussion on Monday about Sunday’s presidential debate. On Tuesday, she opened the show by apologizing for the comment, explaining it was a joke that went awry.

She’s not sorry about anything. She meant what she said.

Actually, pretentious, self-righteous and self-anointed leftist progressives like Joy Behar have no problem being judgmental when it suits their purposes.

By “judgmental” I don’t mean assigning labels to people when they deserve them. I mean smearing people when they get in the way of your agenda, regardless of what the actual facts or circumstances may be.

In this context, Behar, a fervent Hillary supporter, finds that women who have accused Bill Clinton of sexual harassment or even sexually predatory behavior get in the way of her agenda. Her agenda is to elect another leftist Democrat, particularly a female one, as the first female president. Facts and character do not matter, so long as we get that first female president. Oh, what an exciting moment that will be for people like Behar when Hillary wins, as they’re confident she will. And oh, what a hangover will follow when she perhaps surpasses the last two presidents as several of the worst in American history.

A “tramp” presumably refers to someone who’s sexually loose. Ultimately, a tramp is someone with low self-esteem. Because she thinks so little of herself, her own character, her own boundaries, and her own self-respect, she desperately hops into bed with a man merely because he gives her attention. Even if he throws her away or objectifies her, it does not matter, at least not at the time. Bill Clinton, in his heyday, was exactly the kind of man who objectified women and then threw them away. Hillary followed up with the broom and dust pan, often with cruelty and callous efficiency. Bill Clinton was drunk on sexual addiction because he was drunk on power. The available evidence suggests he was more drunk on sexual addiction, and his wife was the one lusting after power. Together, they made – and to this day still make – quite a dysfunctional pair in a declining republic whose citizens mostly use government to seek something for nothing.

It’s possible to be a tramp intellectually and psychologically as well as sexually. Blind supporters of Hillary Clinton would do well to examine their contradictory excuse-making on behalf of Hillary Clinton’s hatred of women with perfectly legitimate complaints against her husband, all in the name of “advancing women.”

Why is having a woman president so important? If you assume that power is all that matters, the question answers itself. “Men have always had the power, so now it’s time for women to have the power.” But the premise of such a sentiment is absurd. “Women” as a group do not lack power because of the gender of the person who’s in the Oval Office. They have power as a group only if they have power as individuals. They have power as individuals only if the government respects their individual rights. Individual rights — the right to free speech, the right to bear arms, the right to private property and to keep what you earn — are the last things respected by a candidate like Hillary Clinton.

Hillary, like her predecessor Obama and like nearly everyone else in political office today, acquires power through pressure group warfare. If you’re favorable and part of her select group of loyal funders or promoters, then you’re fine. If you’re not a member of her favored groups, then you’re not OK. There are plenty of men who will fare just fine under a Hillary Clinton regime and plenty of women who will suffer, because a lot of women want individual liberty and have nothing to gain by the militant statism Hillary Clinton seeks to impose on everyone. The economy, now almost entirely politicized and operating at the whim of the government, not to mention the pull of the Clinton Foundation, knows no favorites based on gender. It only knows favorites based on pull.

That’s why sycophants and hypocrites like Joy Behar act so inconsistently. They don’t care about women. They only care about preserving and advancing their own views. Anyone with a different opinion can go to hell. And that includes millions of women. Women like Joy Behar are the political and intellectual equivalent of tramps. They’ve sold out their self-esteem and individual rights for the sake of another’s pathological power lust.

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