Dumb Reason # 3,621 to Vote for Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton kept a small crowd waiting last Wednesday at the University of New Hampshire where she, alongside Bernie Sanders, gave a lackluster speech about helping college students.

Before Clinton showed up, a local blonde woman tried to rile up the crowd with a ranting feminist speech, declaring, “I am a woman! And I’m pretty good at it. How many of y’all are good at it?”

“I don’t care if you’re doing it in the morning, doing it in the evening, or taking a break in the middle of the day for a quickie. Y’all gotta get out there and vote,” the woman said, noting that there is “nothing sexier” than voting.

The woman said that Donald Trump “doesn’t think much of our minorities and he certainly doesn’t think much of women…Don’t let Donald Trump or any other jerk tell you you’re not beautiful.”

There you have it. This woman is voting for Hillary Clinton … because she’s a woman.

What a stupid, ignorant reason to vote for somebody.

Politicians are not supposed to be your role models or idols. Ideally, elected officials are supposed to be citizen-legislators who make sure the government stays efficient at protecting the rights of individuals to remain free. Politicians are supposed to stay out of our way, while making sure that crooks, murderers and invading armies or terrorists stay out of our way, too.

Instead, this warped feminist wannabe promotes Hillary Clinton as president so as to celebrate her “womanhood.”

People like this woman look to politicians to embody their beliefs, their attitudes, or their immature, incoherent cultural yearnings. Those who pander to these ridiculous sentiments the best are the winners. How sad for our republic, and for the cause of rights that got the United States started, all those years ago. The road from George Washington to the pathetic spectacle of President Hill is a sad decline, indeed.

Not surprisingly, it sounds like this woman has a perpetual chip on her shoulder. I suppose she blames her misery on the fact she’s a woman, when listening to two sentences out of her mouth will provide all the explanation you’d ever really need for her failures. It sounds like the main reason she’s in favor of Hillary Clinton is that she’s a woman — a woman who hates economic liberty, personal freedom and men, that is. And it sounds like the main reason she’s against Donald Trump is because he’s a man.

What exactly does it mean to be “good at being a woman”? Your gender refers to a characteristic you acquire before birth. Before you’re even fully alive, or have any say about anything, your gender already exists. By what stretch is it possible to say you’re “good” at being a woman, or a man? I can understand being good at being an architect, an engineer, an Olympic athlete, a business entrepreneur or anything else requiring skill and expertise to develop. But gender, like your race, eye color or any other genetically determined characteristic, has little or nothing at all to do with accomplishment.

This is the kind of person excited by a Hillary Clinton candidacy. She’s good at being her gender … and she wants you to know this!

This is the kind of person who will be voting in November’s election. Remember this when you try to figure out what happened, the day after the election. There are a lot of this type in our culture, and it’s why we’re in such deep trouble.


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