The Rich Are Voting For Hillary? Of Course They Are

Headline: “Poll: Wealthy Voters Abandon Republican Party for Hillary Clinton.”

A Bloomberg poll shows that Americans living in households making $100,000 or more have abandoned the Republican party, led by Donald Trump, in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Clinton beats Trump by 46 percent to 42 percent, according to the poll. Twelve percent indicated that they were not sure.

In a way, this makes sense. The American economy is no longer capitalist. Production and profits have less to do with pleasing customers, and more to do with pleasing government authorities, than ever before.

Much is made about Hillary Clinton’s sale of political pull on the open market, with good reason. But far less is made of the fact that such a market for political pull exists in the first place. In a totally (or even mostly) free market economy, pull would not be a marketable product.

Hyper-regulation and high taxation create the need for pull. Pull is a form of relief. It’s a way for legitimate businesses to feel less stress from the oppression of taxation and regulation than they otherwise would experience. It’s also a way for questionable or incompetent businesses to progress more than they otherwise would in a totally free, competitive marketplace where pull is irrelevant.

Accurately or not, Donald Trump is seen as the guy who will smash the viability of political pull. With good reason, Hillary Clinton is seen as the gal who will make sure political pull still sells. And by contributing to her Clinton Foundation and presidential campaign, you’re almost assured a place at the table. The economic “table” is no longer an open marketplace where profit-seeking businesses seek to compete and please customers. It’s political in nature, more than economic.

Ironically, when Hillary’s husband first ran for president in 1992, he won by perpetuating the idea, “It’s the economy, stupid.” But it’s no longer the economy. It’s all politics. And if Hillary — who’s simply a horrible candidate and rotten human being — manages to win, this will be why.

Politics should not matter so much in a rational society. Government should matter, only insofar as we need a government to protect people from the violent and fraudulent. But government no longer limits itself to those tasks. As a result, it does a pretty damn poor job at those tasks, as we see from turning on the daily news. Instead, government now exists primarily to manipulate the economy through politics. Hillary Clinton is the poster child and champion for that manipulation.

Let’s be clear: There’s nothing wrong with being wealthy. Honest wealth production is one of the greatest virtues there is. But there’s something deeply wrong with a society where the majority of wealthy are that way because of the Federal Reserve’s manipulation of the currency and the stock market, the only place where economic “growth” is occurring.

Economic success should be the result of providing excellent, quality services or products to willing customers. When those motivations are turned on their heads and replaced with politics, the ugly spectacle of President Hillary Clinton is what we get.


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