Hillary Clinton, Not Donald Trump, Gives Aid and Comfort to ISIS

Hillary Clinton accuses Donald Trump of giving “aid and comfort” to ISIS recruiters, by taking such a strong stand against ISIS and Islamic terrorism.

This would be like blaming the victim of a rape on looking too sexually attractive. “Well, did you do something to excite the rapist?” Or like blaming the victim of a murder for being in a bad neighborhood. “Can’t you just stay home?” Or telling a gay or lesbian victim of a physical attack, “Were you flaunting your sexuality?”

I find it astonishing beyond words. People like Hillary Clinton and her supporters would never, ever condone handling the victims of rape or “hate crimes” that way. Yet when hate is acted upon over and over and over again in the name of Islam, you’re denounced as a hater merely for pointing this fact out.

Whose side are Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on? And what does it say about their values, their rationality and their sense of justice that they blame and scold the victims of terrorism, while never daring to utter a word against the ideology in whose name these brutal bombings, beheadings and attacks are done again, and again and again?

Not long ago, a gay bar in Orlando, Florida, was brutally attacked precisely because it was a gay bar, and precisely because the attacker’s religion — Islam — considers homosexuality a crime punishable by death. In the eyes of Muslims, that attack was justified. (And if “moderate” Muslims don’t think so, they should — for once — start speaking out. I’m still waiting.) In the eyes of Obama and Hillary Clinton, it was a crime, not an act of war, and should be pursued through conventional legal channels only. Of course, nothing ever happens as a result of pursuing those normal legal channels. We just brace ourselves for the next attack, which always comes, and then get scolded or lectured by Obama (and now Hillary Clinton) that it’s wrong to talk about these acts of war as if they actually are … acts of war. Even though they are!

Trump has said that Hillary Clinton is harder on his own supporters than she is on ISIS. It’s undoubtedly true. And if Hillary Clinton ends up as president, she will have an unprecedented number of Americans against her, because they’ll remember she’s not really on our side. She has already called those who disagree with her “deplorables.” Now she blames American citizens critical of Muslim savagery, rather than the Muslim savages themselves, for the brutality and violence initiated (now almost daily) in the name of Islam.

All I hear Trump saying is we have to find ways to destroy ISIS. How on earth did this become controversial? Trump is not saying Islam is at war with the West; Muslims are. And don’t talk to me about the majority of Muslims who are supposedly quiet and good people. If that’s the case, where is their outrage that their values of peace and tolerance are violated so vividly in the name of their faith? They say nothing. They should be marching in the streets, and demanding action against Islamic terrorists in even more bellicose terms than Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton and her former boss, Barack Obama, whose third term she’ll be serving, find calls for action bellicose and improper. What alternative do they offer? An “investigation.” They urge everyone to remain calm until all the facts are in. But we already know what the facts are. What will any investigation prove that we don’t already know? Islam is at war with America and all of Western civilization. Everyone on the side of Islam either joins the battle, or remains silent, thereby implying endorsement. And we’re scolded by the people in charge of defending us for daring to complain. Donald Trump is called a monster for complaining loudly.

The problem is not that our government doesn’t investigate each act of terrorism. The problem is that our government does nothing — absolutely nothing — to fight back against ISIS and Islam-inspired terrorism. We have to take action at some point; otherwise, we’re all going to die. By action, I don’t mean criminal investigations and an occasional pin-prick bombing designed to make it look like they’re doing something. Our challenge is to find a way to scare the Allah out of Islamic believers for the next 50 or 100 hundred years. Nothing less will work. We need a Commander-in-Chief who recognizes the terrible problem we’re facing and is prepared (after rebuilding and refunding our wilting military, including our weaponry) to find out from military experts exactly how we can use the strongest means at our disposal to really fight back, for the first time since 9/11.

It’s actually Obama and Hillary Clinton who give aid and comfort to Islam. They blame the victims — we the people, the American citizens — and they scold those of us who dare to advocate taking a stronger stand against the greatest enemy we have faced since Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan and Soviet Russia.

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