It All Depends on the Meaning of “National Security”

The Orlando shooting, an Islamic-based attack against gays at a private disco? Remember that?

And the father of the shooter, who implicitly (and sickeningly) defended his son’s actions by claiming the sight of two men kissing disgusted him. After all, when offended by something, what else is a jihadist to do … but open fire on innocent people?

Do you remember, all you progressive, Hillary-supporting voters out there?

And now, surprise of surprises: Seddique Mateen, the father of the Orlando shooter, is an ardent Hillary Clinton supporter.

Milo Yiannopoulos, writing at “You’d think that Mateen might consider the ramifications for Clinton before openly supporting her, but it seems he just can’t contain his enthusiasm. He was pictured standing directly behind her at a recent rally in Florida, and even created his own sign praising her policies.”

In a photograph, Mateen sports a sign declaring: “Hillary Clinton: Good for National Security.”

Well of course he’d say that. Hillary will let the jihadists win.

It all depends on what the meaning of “national security” is. If national security means the security of America, and all the things America used to stand for, such as individual liberty and church-state separation, then Hillary Clinton is about the worst thing imaginable for national security. Like her boss, she excuses away the actions of jihadists and can barely make herself utter the words “Islamic terrorism.”

But if “national security” means a nation safe for jihadists, like the father of the man who brutally murdered gays and lesbians at a private club in Orlando — in the name of Islam, which abhors homosexuality — well, then, I guess Hillary’s a good deal for him and his kind.

I have no problem understanding why the father of the Orlando shooter supports Hillary. I do have a hard time comprehending how those with the most to lose from jihad are so keen on her.

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