Why is it Bigotry to Criticize Islam for its Bigotry?

“You’re a bigot.” That’s all you hear from Hillary Clinton supporters when you challenge anything related to Islam, or anything the Democrats espouse. Having worn out “racist,” it seems to be their new tactic of intimidation.

What is a bigot?

I looked up the definition: A bigot is “a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions.”

Now wait a minute. That sounds a lot like Islam, to me. The whole reason I object to Islam is that it’s the most intolerant ideology on the planet right now. It condemns, excludes, harshly judges and in many cases seeks to physically kill anyone who disagrees. (Just ask the survivors of the Islamic/ISIS-inspired gay disco shooting in Orlando. How soon they forget.)

Islam is a bigoted religion. Why does it make you a bigot to speak out against a bigoted religion – for its bigotry?

This is madness.

The same can be said of Democratic Party policies. Restrictions on private industry; socialization of medicine; monopolistic federal control of education by corrupt and inept teachers’ unions; manipulation of the banking and financial industries so political cronyism increasingly counts more than objective, actual business success; immigration policies which foster dependence on the government rather than letting in new, legal citizens who plan to stand on their own two feet and not commit acts of terror…the list of absurd and destructive Democratic Party policies goes on and on.

If you dare to question or challenge any of these policies, you’re called a bigot. But if bigotry means “intolerant of others’ opinions,” then isn’t it bigoted for Democrats to essentially say, “Agree with me…or you’re a bigot!” ?

I have finally come to understand why Democrats and progressives, like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, are such apologists for Islam. They relate to its bigotry. They’re protective of the need to silence dissension, because Islamists and progressives both want to silence dissension. It frightens them, and their fear converts to rage. Progressivism and Islam are kindred spirits. Granted, they hold very different opinions on matters related to women, gays and so forth. But something very significant, and very deep, must unite them. Otherwise, why are you attacked as a bigot if you merely attribute to Islam what its most fervent advocates have been saying all along … death to America, and death to all things related to liberty, individualism, church-state separation or freedom?

If Islamists and progressives were right, they would not have to be so afraid of dissenting opinion. Reason, facts and questions are what irrationalists of all types — be they Communists or fanatical religionists — cannot tolerate or stand.

Those of us who value reason, freedom, and individualism have to make sure we never shut up. Because if we do, the irrationalists will think they have won a debate they never permitted us to have.


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