Lawless Democrats Suddenly Care About the Law

Hours after Donald Trump created a national furor by suggesting Russia find Hillary Clinton’s 30,000 missing emails, prominent Democrats began suggesting that the Republican presidential nominee be investigated —  and possibly prosecuted — for it.

“None of the Democrats I spoke to at the party’s national convention in Philadelphia could say what laws Trump might have broken with his controversial comment,” said John Gizzi in a Newsmax article.

But his words about the Russians possibly going through Clinton’s private emails (some of which were made public earlier through WikiLeaks) fueled talk of an investigation and possible legal action by Democrats in Philadelphia.

“A lot of people are saying that this [Trump’s comments] went too far and some action should be taken,” Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid reportedly said after his address to the convention Wednesday night.

The contradiction here? A lawless group of people, who have nominated a known law-breaker who cheated her way to the nomination as revealed by the recent DNC email scandal, wants to decide what’s lawful or not lawful. Indict first, and then discover your facts and evidence later. That’s how it works in dictatorships, too. What also happens in dictatorships? Guilty officials of the ruling party never get indicted, no matter how guilty they are. That’s why Hillary Clinton faces no legal responsibility for her years of open corruption where actual laws were actually known to be violated.

Does anyone claiming Donald Trump should be prosecuted for violating a law even know what law he violated? Of course not. But that’s the whole point. They don’t know or care about the law; they only know he made them mad, and he must pay. That’s how progressivism works. Is this surprising? Of course not. When we talk about the Democrats in charge, we’re talking about lawless people. When supporters of Hillary Clinton talk about “the law,” what they’re really talking about is what they feel is their right not to be offended. Donald Trump is hard on his opponents. The milquetoasts who came before him — the Bob Doles, John McCains and Mitt Romneys — were always perfect gentlemen and never challenged their opponents in a compelling way. Democrats routinely call their opponents, even insincere wimps like Mitt Romney, fascists and dictators. Nothing prepared them for Donald Trump, and they deserve everything they’re getting (if not much more).

Whatever you think of Trump’s comments, remember the facts from which those comments arose. One of the two major candidates for president is a known law-breaker whom the federal Department of Justice refuses to indict. The same woman, Loretta Lynch, who currently runs the Department of Justice, was (immediately after meeting with Hillary’s husband) promised she could keep her job after that self-same Hillary Clinton wins the election. In the era of Nixon and Watergate, scandals had to take place behind closed doors and on secret tapes. Today, with Democrats who are publicly corrupting the rule of law itself, it’s done out in the open, with a self-congratulatory sneer.

Granted, Vladimir Putin is a a dictatorial thug and is no friend of liberty, or the United States. But is Hillary Clinton really much better?

If I didn’t know better, I would think the Democrats who rush to declare Donald Trump a criminal are merely projecting their own guilt for Hillary Clinton onto another party. But I know better. Democrats, at least the official ones running our now politicized government agencies in Washington DC, do not have the capacity for feeling guilt.

Why do you think they so shamelessly trample on our liberties and individual rights in the first place?

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