Two Hacks for President

One definition of “hack” is “a writer or journalist producing dull, unoriginal work.” Politicians with dull, unoriginal and failed ideas are hacks, too. Enter Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine.

“We are going to make the American economy work for everybody, not just those at the top,” said U.S. Senator Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s running mate.  “We’ll do that by making the largest investment in good paying jobs since World War II. We will make college debt free for everybody. We’ll rewrite the rules so companies share profits with workers rather than ship jobs overseas.”

Translation: “We’ll expand the $19 trillion debt to $29 trillion, or maybe even $50 trillion, by making college education free and rewarding donors with pork and perks. We’ll do for college level education what we’ve already done for grade- and high school education: Ruin it, by making it free and controlling its content. Oh, and while we’re at it, we’ll pile even more rules and obligations on what’s left of the free market and then blame it on capitalism when even more jobs disappear, giving us an excuse to raise taxes still higher and impose even more regulations!”

Clinton and Kaine promise that, if elected, in their first 100 days they will “put forward a comprehensive immigration reform package that includes a path to citizenship.”

Translation: “We’ll expand Obama’s illegal action on immigration by making it legal. That way, we can make sure to hook even more millions of people on the welfare state, giving them crappy free education and crappy health care, thereby expanding our power.”

“Hillary and I will not rest,” Kaine promised. “… until we get universal background checks and close loopholes that put guns in the hands of criminals, terrorists and dangerous people who should not have them. It’s so easy. The American public wants it. Gun owners want it and NRA owners want it.”

Translation: “We will continue to make it harder and harder to buy or own guns, even if you’re a peaceful, law-abiding citizen. We’ll stop just short of outright banning guns, but we will, by the time it’s all over, ban them. On top of it, we’ll lie that everyone supports it, even though we can’t get a law passed in Congress and will have to resort to executive orders.”

Clinton and Kaine promise not to turn “America’s back on our decades’ old commitments to our allies.”

Allies? Seriously? Do we even have allies? Or merely co-victims in the growing destruction of Western civilization by anti-Western, Muslim barbarians? Is an ally someone who looks at you helplessly, while you look back at them helplessly as you both go down in flames? If so, then I suppose we have allies in Germany, Great Britain and France. But what we need less than allies are actual victories, first and foremost over terrorism and the followers of Islam who perpetuate virtually all of it.

“We are stronger together and we’re going to make that future better,” Clinton had said while she introduced Kaine. “Donald Trump may think America is in decline but he’s wrong. America’s best days are still ahead of us, my friends.”

“Best” days? By what standard? More debt; more taxation; more economic stagnation and decline; more corrupt power politics; more innovation-strangling regulations; more socialism in medicine; more mediocrity and political correctness in education; more difficulty for college graduates finding employment; more 20-somethings and 30-somethings living at home with their parents; more people giving up on full-time employment; more mowing down of police officers in the streets; more blowing up and butchering of gays and lesbians in discos; more … hope and change? What exactly do “best” days mean, and by what means are we to achieve them, if Hillary takes us down the same progressive path as her former boss, Barack Obama?

It’s remarkable that a majority of Americans gave Barack Obama a second term. But things are much worse than when he ran four years ago. They’re getting worse by the day. Who knows what horrors await us in the more than 3 months remaining, given all the terrorist attacks and murders of police we have seen only in the last two weeks?

If Hillary Clinton plans to build on these disasters and give us more of the same, then she and her running mate should explain exactly why we should want this. Of course, we know they won’t. And in a way, who can blame them? A country ignorant and indifferent enough to elect Obama twice will possibly elect her, as well.

Hillary and Kaine are counting on it.

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