Why Democrats Have the Edge

Let’s be real. Hillary Clinton walks scot-free not just because she’s a Clinton; but because she’s a Democrat.

Democrats have the high moral ground; not because they’re high or moral, but because the other side has no moral ground at all.

Socialism — or “progressivism,” if you prefer — is not moral. It involves the initiation of force.

Progressives talk about taking money from the rich who don’t really need it. But socialism harms everyone.

Without the ability of people to make and keep large profits, there’s no incentive to produce or create anything. Whether it’s conquering famine, creating really cool electronic toys, or wiping out entire diseases, none of this would ever happen without the incentive of profit. Life as we know it would not exist were it not for free markets.

Only economic freedom — yes, hands off capitalism — makes innovation and progress possible. There’s no other way. In seeking to curb (or even outlaw) profit, socialism threatens to destroy all that makes life livable and worthwhile.

There’s nothing moral about that.

But socialism also promises the utopia of something for nothing. Socialists are not enlightened “progressives;” they’re fostering and perpetuating the oldest myth in human history, the fantasy of every five-year-old child, that it’s possible and even admirable to obtain something for nothing.

The government already gives away loads and loads of free stuff. Hillary, just like any other Democrat, merely promises to give away more. It’s not even the free stuff itself which matters. It’s the idea of giving free stuff away. That comforts people, reassures them, and (in the case of rich progressives) it makes them feel morally superior. That’s why when you question progressive Democrats on any of their politics, you’re greeted with tears, threats, lectures or hostility like you rarely see.

Some people like what Democrats do because it means free stuff for them. Still others like it because they like the idea of being seen as approving the giving of free stuff away to others. They don’t personally need the free health care or free cell phones, but they view supporting such things as an opportunity to be compassionate (and to be seen as such). Most of us have been taught to believe that compassion is the essence of goodness. That’s wrong. Compassion is not the essence of goodness. Self-responsibility and the use of your minds and talents are.

Sure, compassion is a perfectly nice thing to do when it’s objectively possible and warranted; but no compassion is even possible without first mastering self-responsibility and the use of your mind and talents. Without somebody exercising those virtues, there would be no possibility for compassion. Compassion would be irrelevant. And there’s certainly nothing “compassionate” about forcibly taking money from some (or borrowing from future generations) and giving it to others. That’s not compassion; it’s plunder. Hillary Clinton is a pro at it, and that’s why she succeeds: Because the majority in our society demand and want it.

Because we have all been sold a bill of goods about compassion being the main point of virtue, we’re subject to the lecturing and intimidation of posing, lying Democrats (along with their Republican lackeys). Yes, Republicans are just as bad. In a way they’re worse, because they’re even bigger liars and hypocrites than the Democrats. And they’re the biggest bunch of moral weenies (most of them) you’ll ever find. But it’s Democrats who usually win the elections and who always control the agenda, even when they don’t win elections, because they are the ones who are so much better at giving stuff away, for free.

Democrats have a great thing going for themselves. They get to be Santa Claus, by giving people free stuff. They get to be Mother Teresa, because they say, “Look at how compassionate I am. I’m giving stuff away.” They morally intimidate their enemies by saying things like, “Who are you to judge?” Rest assured, these Democrats judge. And it’s your judgment of their ideas — your rational, logical, objective judgment — which they fear most of all and, believe me, they will not tolerate. Hence the calls to ban guns and outlaw free speech (e.g. criticism of Islam, questioning climate change.)

Yes, Hillary Clinton is a criminal. But so are the rest of us, at least when we support a government dedicated to the art of legalized plunder. Hillary has risen so high — and quite literally gets away with murder — because she’s better than anyone at doing the things the vast majority of us expect our politicians to do.

Don’t like Hillary? Look in the mirror, America.

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