Not Your Granddaddy’s Political Scandal: America Goes Lawless for Hillary

Well, she did it.

The FBI, after all but acknowledging that Hillary Clinton did in fact break the law while using a private server for classified documents when serving as Secretary of State, says she will not be charged.

America was founded as a nation of laws, not of men. What this meant was that the law, not personal power or politics, was the highest standard. Nobody, not even George Washington himself, was above the law.

Hillary Clinton and her enablers at the FBI and the so-called Department of Justice have turned that standard upside down. America will never be the same. For all practical purposes, our government is now … lawless.

How could this happen? One possibility is fear. People who populate the federal government know that Hillary Clinton could become president. As it stands now, at least if you believe polls, it’s overwhelmingly likely she will become president in a few months. If they press charges now, what happens when she’s sworn in? Admittedly, there has never been a situation like this before. While presidents have been subject to legal trouble once in office, or after leaving office, who ever heard of someone running for office who was already in serious legal trouble? Why would the criminal’s party nominate her, and why would the electorate consider electing her president?

You’ll have to ask the people planning to vote for this criminal woman.

It’s not your granddaddy’s political scandal. That scandal was Watergate, in the early 1970s. President Richard Nixon was driven from office for much less than the charges Hillary Clinton would face if she were held to the same standard of the law as everyone else who works for the State Department.

Interestingly, Clinton’s own husband, former president Bill Clinton, was one of only two presidents to be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors while in office. His charges were serious — perjury in a sexual harassment case, of which there were many because of his sexually predatory character. If you or I commit perjury, we’d go to jail. Bill Clinton was impeached, but he was not removed from office because the weenies who ran the Republican Senate (yes, they were weenies back then too) were afraid somebody might not like them if they did so.

The argument against removing Bill Clinton from office was, “It was only about sex. You can’t remove a president from office merely for lying about sex.” The implication was that the charges were serious, but only their sexual subject disqualified them from rising to the level of impeachment, because sex has nothing to do with being president.

No such argument can be offered here. Hillary’s guilt resides precisely in her most important job ever, the one which she claims makes her qualified to be the next president of the United States. The FBI even admits she’s reckless, careless, and irresponsible. It’s almost as if that poor FBI director is standing with a gun to his head, unable to do his job and press charges against this nasty, deceitful old crone because … well, because she’s scary.

The only hope here? Keeping her from becoming president. That way, the next president could, at least theoretically, press charges against Hillary and let the law become operational again.

None of this is news at Huffington Post, CNN, MSNBC, CBS or ABC news. These networks/websites, and the people who follow them, want Hillary Clinton as president. Why? Because the ends always justify the socialistic progressive means. Leftists believe in environmentalist regulation, anti-capitalist regulation, unending government spending and borrowing, higher taxes, wealth redistribution, controlling education, science and health care, banning guns and even criminalizing freedom of speech for people who oppose Islam or climate change. In case you haven’t noticed, leftist Obama supporters really don’t care about the law. They only care about their will being done. Crooked Hillary is the perfect representative for a political policy verging on Communism or fascism itself.

It’s no longer about left versus right. It’s about the law versus lawlessness. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s “Justice” Department has nothing whatsoever to do with justice, and nothing to do with the law; not anymore. As of this moment, they have lost all moral credibility. How much longer before they lose legal credibility, as well? That prospect is much scarier than anything Hillary Clinton could do to her enemies if they pressed charges against her and she later becomes president.

Shame on the FBI and what’s left of justice in America. It’s not just disgusting; it’s disheartening.

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