Fight Fire With Fire? We Didn’t Start the Fire!

“You can’t fight fire with fire.”

We keep hearing this excuse for not fighting back against Islamofascist terrorism. The latest victims? Istanbul’s airport.

It’s tempting to reply, “We can — and should — fight fire with fire.” But the analogy is deeply flawed.

The truth is: We didn’t start the fire. And the only way to put the fire out is to fight back — with absolutely every bit of firepower we’ve got.

Fighting fire with fire is a metaphor. Literally speaking, if you tried to put out a fire with fire, the inferno would only rage further, out of control.

When the victim of attacks fights back with greater firepower, it doesn’t make things worse. It makes the good guys win. We are the good guys, and the Islamofascists are the bad guys, no matter what our revolting president and his former secretary of state claim or imply.

Apologists for America’s complete lack of response to Islamic attack after attack against American or Western property want us to concede the metaphor. We should not do so.

They want us to think that firing back against aggressors will only spread the fire further. But the fire is spreading regardless. Islamic terrorists will not stop until either America and the West are completely destroyed, or are totally under Sharia law. By doing nothing, we’re conveying to them that we do not care, or that we simply don’t believe they will continue, even though they will.

To win against any violent aggressor, we have to use firepower — the more, the better. If we don’t surpass the enemy with firepower, then they will destroy us. Pacifists and “progressives,” don’t blame the victims here. Don’t blame the people getting attacked by Islamofascists at airports, dance clubs, office parties and concerts; blame the Islamofascists for anyone who dies in our perfectly justified retaliation, should we ever engage in retaliation.

It’s time to put the Islamofascist apologists on the defensive. Instead of bowing our heads humbly when they lecture, “You can’t fight fire with fire,” verbally shoot back at them and say: “So what are we supposed to do? Die? What do you propose instead of firepower?” Peace, diplomacy and one-sided arms deals with Islamic-friendly regimes like Iran have not helped. In fact, things are getting worse.

Political correctness is literally killing people. Instead of getting the best and brightest military minds together to figure out how to retaliate against the centers of Islamic fascist terrorism around the world, our leaders scream that “it’s not about Islam” and essentially conclude that there’s nothing we can do.

That’s not how the Americans beat the British, defeated slavery and it’s not how they finished off the Nazis and the Japanese in World War II. Sooner or later, we have to face reality. In the meantime, the relentless attacks will continue.

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