Why the P.C. Establishment Is So Happy Over London’s New Muslim Mayor

Anxious to visit London? Or maybe move there?

You should be excited. London has elected it first Muslim mayor. Hooray!

The politically correct are beside themselves with glee. New York City’s Mayor Bill de Blasio reportedly was the first to congratulate Sadiq Khan on his victory.

But what exactly is the victory?

Even if you assume it’s racist to question proponents of this violent political-religious ideology (it isn’t, because ideology is a choice), it’s still unclear how London benefits from having a Muslim mayor as opposed to, say, a Christian mayor, an agnostic mayor or a Jewish mayor.

It seems to me that the people celebrating the election of a Muslim mayor are happy over having satisfied a point. The problem is: They won’t admit exactly what that point is.

The types of people who celebrate this sort of thing are usually the same ones who want a weak foreign and defense policy, a weak economy (to make nasty, poor Islamic countries look better) and an acceleration in the decline of Western civilization, whose economic prosperity and diversity of lifestyles seems to be what throws so many Muslims into a rage in the first place.

I read that this new mayor bragged, in an interview, that he supports things like gay marriage and faced death threats for his courage. If this is true — if this new Muslim political figure is not only “moderate” but actually quite liberal, especially by Islamic standards — then what will his supporters say when the death threats start to escalate? What if militant Islamic terrorists go after him? What if they eventually kill him? Will apologists for Islam continue to claim, “Well, it’s not about religion, and it’s hate speech for you to even suggest otherwise”?

This will really be interesting.

If moderate and liberal Muslims are really so prevalent, then London’s new mayor has a fantastic opportunity to educate the narrow-minded as to what Islam is really about. And while he’s at it, he can use the bully pulpit of his new office to morally condemn those who threaten to kill millions of innocent people in his religion’s name, having already killed thousands in Jihad.

It will be interesting to see if Khan does this. And, if he does, it will be interesting to see what the politically correct apologists for Islam have to say about it. Will they consider him a self-hating Muslim? And if they applaud his criticism of people who practice brutality in his religion’s name, then why will they not applaud others who criticize that same brutality?

My hypothesis? It’s not really Islam that the politically correct are defending. And it’s not really bigotry they’re after. What they hate are countries who have managed to achieve greatness. Yes, progressives hate their own countries. Instead of simply moving to rotten, poor and nasty places like Iran or Cuba, they live in the comfort and relative freedom of America and spend all of their time complaining about how bad America is. They have to atone for their guilt or hostility to their own home country somehow, right?

Progressive leftism is all about chopping down the “tall poppies.” Those who excel make those who don’t excel look bad. America is the biggest “tall poppy” the world has ever known. Great Britain, including London, has been one of the great high points of civilization, too. This makes leftists really, really angry, because they cannot stand anything being unequal. Just like it makes most Muslims really, really angry to see people believe or practice things in opposition to their most narrow-minded, restrictive and repressive of primitive philosophies. Khan is the perfect saint of progressivism: He hates income  inequality, and he’s Muslim. A one-two punch!

Islam and p.c. leftism have a lot in common. They both hate America, and anything resembling America, such as Great Britain’s London. This is the reason, if you ask me, that leftists want Islam to flourish. And this is why they’re all so fired up that London has elected a Muslim mayor. Now watch what happens when advocates of Islam–always true to their faith–put London’s new mayor to the test.

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