Republicans For Hillary Clinton: Seriously?

Some Republicans/conservatives/libertarians are saying that they will vote for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. I find that fascinating. Not that they don’t wish to vote for Trump. I am familiar with the man’s flaws, and the reasons people have for refusing to vote for him. What I do not understand is their willingness to vote for Hillary Clinton under any conditions.

If you believe in socialism, redistribution of wealth, and government intervention in the economy with special favors for the politically connected, then I can understand why you will vote for Hillary Clinton. If you want a weak national defense coupled with a hapless stance of appeasement towards the violent brutality of Islam, I also understand your choice to vote for Hillary Clinton. You almost certainly voted for Obama, and undoubtedly want Obama’s policies to enjoy a third and fourth term.

But if you favor the opposite of these things, how on earth could you vote for Clinton, rather than simply abstaining in protest? What business did you ever have being a Republican, a conservative, a libertarian, or a right-leaning independent if you could find the stomach to vote for this corrupt, shallow, power-lusting woman?

Nothing you could say about Donald Trump could not also be said about Hillary Clinton. Many say Trump is an arrogant jerk who’s really a Democrat in sheep’s clothing. Isn’t Hillary Clinton the real thing? Many say Trump is actually a product of the politically corrupt crony welfare/pseudo-capitalist state. Isn’t Hillary just the same? Some say that Trump is a dictator at heart; we already know that Hillary Clinton is one for sure.

I’m not making the case for or against Donald Trump here. But if you don’t want Donald Trump to be president, and if you disagree profoundly with Hillary Clinton, then you ought to stay home on election day to register your protest.

Refusing to vote is not a sin. And it’s not (yet) a crime, either. If 30 percent of the people who usually vote stay home, then it will send a much more powerful message than if you see normal to high turnout, and Hillary Clinton becomes president. She will claim this as a mandate, and finish off America in the style of the declining Roman Empire.

I’d love to hear someone who doesn’t agree with Hillary Clinton and the Democrats explain why it makes more sense to vote for her than it does to stay home, assuming Donald Trump is the only alternative and you think he’d be the worst thing to ever happen to the country.

It seems to me that these career politician Republicans, who won’t be unhappy to see Hillary Clinton as president, were never really very principled, honest or intelligent people in the first place. Maybe that’s how the Republican Party has arrived in the state which we now see it. It was always a hollow bunch of people, and perhaps they and Hillary Clinton deserve each other. What a sorry development for the nation founded by thinkers such as Jefferson, Paine, Madison and Washington.

If seems to me that if you can’t stand the idea of having Donald Trump as a dictator to preside over the end of the United States, you couldn’t stand the idea of Hillary Clinton doing the same.

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