John Boehner: Loser, Not Lucifer

Failed former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives John Boehner had harsh words for fellow Republican Ted Cruz yesterday:

“[Ted Cruz is] Lucifer in the flesh,” Boehner declared, according to The Stanford Daily newspaper.

“I have Democrat friends and Republican friends. I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a b—- in my life.”

Boehner added he would not vote for Cruz in the unlikely event the Texas senator is able to reverse the course of his fading campaign and beat Donald Trump to the nomination.

Interesting. And revealing.

Boehner was supposed to lead his party against Obama’s agenda. Instead, he played along to get along and gave Obama everything he demanded, if not more.

If we didn’t know better, we might have assumed Boehner, like a lot of Republicans, is really more of a Democrat, especially when it comes to the top tier issues of defense and the economy. He claimed to want a strong defense; but he caved to Obama’s military cuts, so as not to risk being called mean for having a government shutdown. He claimed to want to cut domestic spending of government, and instead ushered in an era of $20 trillion of national debt (and counting).

Now we know Boehner’s true feelings. Not only does Boehner disagree with the more principled, fiscally conservative and strong-on-defense wing of his party; he considers it evil.

This is why we need a second party. A second party would consider the policies of the prevailing administration bad, wrong, and even evil. What does “evil” mean, anyway? Evil and bad refer to enabling your enemies by making excuses for them, and blaming America for causing Islamic-inspired terrorism. That’s what Barack Obama did, and that’s what Hillary Clinton intends to continue doing. Why isn’t Boehner upset enough with Clinton and Obama to call their policies evil? Why didn’t he at least treat them like they were adversaries when he ran half of the Congress, and enjoyed power few if any other Republicans did?

I don’t agree with everything Ted Cruz says or does. However, he’s infinitely superior to what we have now. Cruz wants to treat ISIS and other supporters of Islamic terrorism as the evil, brutal savage killers that they are. He wants to fight back and obliterate them, if possible. As for the bloated federal government, he wants to shut down entire Cabinet departments, which by itself will not limit the growth of government, but will take a very positive step in the right direction. These are the kinds of policies Republicans should have been supporting and fighting for all along.

Boehner is the epitome of a loser. Not only was he driven out of his Speakership by his own party. Now he resorts to calling the most principled member of that party evil. This leaves us wondering: If he considers Ted Cruz “Lucifer” for his desire to rid the world of ISIS and a bloated federal government, then what does he think of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama? Will Boehner be voting for Clinton in the election, in the unlikely event Cruz were to be the nominee? Would he vote for any principled Republican?

Boehner is a loser because he deserves to lose. He never should have won his job in the first place. When he first became the Speaker, and throughout his tenure, he was noted for his tendency to uncontrollably break out in tears. The first time I saw this happen I wondered, “What does his subconscious know that the rest of us don’t yet know?” Now we know. He must have hated himself for leading a party whose principles he despises. He must have wanted to be liked, but on some level he knew he would never be liked unless he openly joined the Democratic, socialist, hard-left establishment. He thought he could get people to like him by giving Obama everything he wanted. See what it got him.

Boehner brags that he’s friends with everyone. That’s why his party collapsed under his watch. He had no enemies, he claims, other than Ted Cruz. But Ted Cruz was the most principled man in the whole Congress on the Republican side. He actually stands for many things (some of them wrong, most of them right) that are the opposite of what the Democratic party stands for. Isn’t that what an opposition leader and party is supposed to do?

Boehner obviously does not agree with Winston Churchill, who said, “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

John Boehner never stood up for anything, at any time in his pathetic life. He left the Congress and the country worse than he found it, and even worse than it had to be under two terms of Obama. We would have been better off without him.

If anyone deserves the title “loser,” John Boehner does.

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