Hillary Clinton Celebrates Genitalia Over Competence

Hillary Clinton promises a 50-50 Cabinet, by gender, once elected president. She actually wants people to know this, and thinks it’s a good thing.

“That is certainly my goal,” she told reporters. “A very diverse Cabinet representing the talents and experience of the entire country. And since we are a 50-50 country, I would aim to have a 50-50 Cabinet.”

What’s she’s actually saying is that gender is the most important consideration in choosing people to run the government.

No, she will deny that if challenged (which she won’t be). But if you determine the gender make-up of your Cabinet from the get-go, without reference to any other qualifications, then you’re conceding that gender is the most important factor. No escaping it.

Things have become so irrational and crazy in our society, particularly in our government, that it’s important to pause and actually consider what people are saying. This is crazy.

Think about it. If Hillary Clinton hired you to be in her Cabinet, and you happen to be a woman, you will know that you’re in that high position because of your genitalia. Sure, there will be other reasons. But the reason you rose to the top – to become Secretary of State, Defense or Treasury – is because of your unchosen biological gender, at least as much as any accomplishments.

It’s insulting. It’s irrational. It is sexist, too. Because sexism means elevating gender to the highest or only consideration in a job. If you reject someone on principle because they’re a woman, when gender is irrelevant to the consideration for the job, you’re a sexist; but if you accept someone on principle because they’re a woman, when gender is irrelevant to the consideration for the job, then you’re every bit as sexist. It’s politically incorrect to say so, but it’s also logical to say so.

Why on earth is this so hard for progressives to understand? And why do so many other people just accept it, and take it as a matter of course – or even a good thing?

None of this takes into account what qualifies as a good Cabinet member. Hillary Clinton’s idea of a good Cabinet member is someone who will uphold and strengthen government control over the economy, as well as government control over individual liberties such as gun ownership and free speech. She also, like Obama, will want someone who will appease militant Muslims instead of holding them accountable for their brutality. But if you’re looking for someone to fill these roles, you can find just as many men as women. The best person for the job would presumably be the standard, not a pre-existing bias in favor of (or against) anyone of any particular race or gender.

Imagine how a woman will feel when appointed to Hillary Clinton’s Cabinet. Will she think, “I was selected because I’m the most qualified person to do this job”? No, not if she’s honest. She will know that she rose higher up the queue because – and only because – of her genitals. I’m being blunt about this because our world, particularly our government, is going insane. And to battle the insanity, we have to keep the language in clear, objective terms so we do not lose touch with reality any more than we have already permitted our officials to do.

Remember what’s at stake. America is under relentless attack from Muslim barbarians who practice beheading and who seek to gain nuclear weapons, utilize biological warfare, and who knows what else. The national debt is too high to count, and government “entitlement” programs cannot sustain themselves because far more is paid out than paid in. Free speech and the right to protect yourself are under attack as never before. With all this going on, Hillary Clinton is just as concerned (if not more concerned) with the genital make-up of the people she’s hiring to resolve these problems as she is with the problems themselves.

If this isn’t reason enough to disqualify Hillary Clinton from being the commander-in-chief and head of the U.S. government, then nothing else is. And it has nothing to do with her gender. I’d vote in a New York minute for the American, 21st Century equivalent of Margaret Thatcher, if she (or he) were running for president.

The only antidote to sexism, as with racism, is individualism. You don’t have to pretend men and women are not different. But when it comes to capabilities where gender is irrelevant, you focus on the capabilities alone. You do this by looking at candidates for an important job for their minds, their integrity, their capability and their ideas. If things like gender or race even enter the picture, you have tainted your judgment.

A world where this is no longer obvious is a world where we will neither survive, nor flourish.

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