How to Disembowel Political Correctness

From “Retaking America: Crushing Political Correctness” by Nick Adams:

Political correctness is an ideology invented by the Left, because although Leftism considers itself intellectual, it really is about emotion. It’s about feelings. Three engines propel political correctness forward: the ideological insecurity of the Left, their natural instinct and desire to control, and their unquestioned faith in the perfectibility of mankind.

Their idea of “perfect” is the absence of individualism. They relish the use of government force, for one purpose only: to squelch the individual. Political correctness is collectivism in practice. Since people can only function as individuals, advocates of p.c. are at war with human nature. This is why they must use bureaucratic agencies, police, and the guns they claim to hate to compel people into demonstrating the “perfection” they seek.

…They deny evil, avoid its confrontation, justifying it through moral equivalence, and end up with the ugly twins, pacifism and appeasement. But, hey, don’t stand in the way of a liberal and a plastic shopping bag. That rumble could get hairy. Inequality and emissions—now, that’s where it’s at. They’re really worthy of hate, energy and courage. Evil’s got nothin’ on them!

It’s true. Try suggesting to a leftist/Obama/Hillary Clinton supporter that global warming is exaggerated and untrue. You will experience the wrath we can only wish to see directed against actual enemies, such as Islamic fundamentalists seeking to obliterate Western civilization.

Moral equivalence gets applied conveniently. If you support fossil fuels, or worse yet make money at fossil fuels, you are evil. You are responsible for the impending death of the planet. Yet if you observably blow up people and buildings in the name of religion, then how are you any worse than Americans? How dare you criticize Islamic terrorists when Americans are no different, and no better? Moral equivalence is reserved for Islam; but not for gasoline.

…See, when used in full force, political correctness acts as a heavy blacksnake, whipping us into submission. Pushing us into line. Cutting us down. It squelches debate and polices speech. The anti-bullying crusaders have no problem harassing us.

Leftists are often bullies. The ones who seek power are bullies, by definition. They use the power of the IRS to squelch dissension, and they use the power of government to exert their will, regardless of Congress, existing law, the will of the majority, the rights of the individual, or even the Constitution itself. Try debating a leftist, and you will usually be greeted with one of several reactions: tears; comments like, “You frighten me”; screams; name-calling; a challenge of your credentials; or challenges to your very humanity. The apostles of compassion and tolerance are, by and large, very intolerant and mean-spirited people, at least when discussing political matters. And remember, it’s logical: They seek to use the force of government to impose their will. That’s what leftism is: force. They don’t wish to persuade; they wish to impose. “Political correctness” is merely the term we use to express this attitude.

Remember when racism used to be just hating someone for his or her race. Well, those days are long gone. Racist now is what you are if you disagree with me.

Leftism, socialism and collectivism are not rational. They are based on emotion and fantasy. The only counter-argument they have is intimidation. “Racist” is not something any rational person wishes to be called; certainly no advocate of individual rights or individualism embraces racism. By calling you an offensive name, they hope to intimidate you into silence. It does not have to work if you refuse to let it work. Remember that leftism is collectivism. It requires group-think. Collectivism defines people primarily by their race, their gender, their sexual orientation or by similar group status. The opposite of collectivism is defining people by their individuality. It’s leftists and the politically correct who should be on the defensive, if racism is a bad thing.

..Our President plays duck-and-cover games, and can’t even bring himself to use the adjective “Islamic” when discussing terrorism. The excusing of Muslim violence is unmistakable. There’s simply a conspiracy of silence amongst the caring classes when it comes to discussing the Islamic faith. As a result, America is unable to defeat the evil and defend itself effectively. Without an unwavering grasp of what is right and what is wrong, how can we ever expect to stand in judgment of our terrorist enemies?

The ability to judge — rationally, objectively — means the ability to think for oneself. Think about what leftists like Obama are seeking: A collectivist state. That’s why Obama embraces the Castros, the last remaining remnants of the Soviet state. While Obama might eschew some of the Communist methods, his goal is the same: subservience of the individual to the state. That’s what collectivism, including socialism, is all about. They might wait for democratic vote, but it’s submission they’re after.

The best way to ensure subservience to the state is to obliterate the individual mind. Human beings prosper, survive and develop personalities through the regular, independent and self-generated use of their minds. This is the very thing leftism, like any form of collectivism, has to destroy, if they’re to get their way. Political correctness is the form the destruction takes. Political correctness gets people to do it to themselves. And look around at America today. It’s working. Americans have not been persuaded into thinking that Islam is a religion of peace, or that everyone has an equal right to be valedictorian of his or her graduating class; they have been intimidated into pretending to believe these things.

…Individual liberty is a necessary ingredient for a fair and prosperous society. But political correctness rips liberty, fairness and prosperity away, and redistributes it. In this way, it operates as a tax, only without a promised collective social benefit.

Political correctness and liberty/individual rights are total opposites. Liberty does not fear or loathe independent thinking. Collectivism and political correctness do. The more frightened, group-minded and lacking in confidence Americans become, the more they will succumb to political correctness. Independence, pride, self-esteem are the way out. And all of these qualities require liberty. Political correctness is a symptom of mental malady, of a willful disconnection from even perceptual-level reality.

Revolutions start in the hearts and the minds of the people. Political correctness has rotted the minds and therefore the hearts of too many people. That’s why America is slowly, painfully dying. It might not be terminal. But to correct the problem, we must challenge political correctness at the root. Time is running out.

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