Asad Shah’s Brutal Murder: A Metaphor for American Foreign Policy

The horrific murder of Asad Shah, a peaceful Ahmadi Muslim shopkeeper living in Glasgow, has been celebrated online by Muslims who believe his brand of Islam is “false” and “heretical”. Previous online postings have also emerged attacking Mr. Shah and his brand of Islam, while his family have been advised to go into hiding.

Asad Shah, who regularly posted videos and messages of goodwill to the internet, was stabbed repeatedly in the head outside his shop last Thursday just hours after wishing Christians a happy Easter on Facebook. One witness has said his killer also stamped on him during the frenzied attack.

Such an incident would be a great opportunity for the vast, silent majority of Muslims who seek brotherhood, tolerance of differing opinions and total separation of church and state to come out for these things, in honor of the late Asad Shah.

Where are they?

In the meantime, people like Mark Zuckerberg continue to blame the victims for all the atrocities in the world.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has spoken out against the “fear and distrust” caused by recent Islamist terror attacks and has called for more “love” as a means of stopping them.

This is precisely what Asad Shah did. He showed good will by wishing Christians a Happy Easter, even though he’s Muslim. What did it get him? Celebration for his death by the only people who ever speak up in the name of his religion.

The billionaire Facebook owner argued that recent attacks in Belgium, Turkey, and Pakistan are specifically designed to “sow seeds of hatred” between countries and their Islamic communities.

“Each of these attacks were carried out with a goal to spread fear and distrust, and turn members of a community against each other,” Zuckerberg said.

The “only sustainable way to fight back” against these sickening atrocities is to “create a world” where everyone “feels cared for and loved”, he added.

What does that sustainable way consist of, if not using the full force of our firepower to silence the violent, at least for awhile? Zuckerberg does not say. We’re left to assume that like other socialists-leftists, he thinks we should spend billions more on social programs/foreign aid, so people like him can go home, feel superior and no longer have to feel guilty. In other words, keep doing what we’re doing and pretend there will be different results.

Zuckerberg does not understand the law of the bully. Bullies see love and kindness as weakness. Love makes them angry. When they get angry, they lash out and – in the case of Islam, because it’s a violent philosophy – they kill. Just ask Asad Shah, who did what Zuckerberg recommends by spreading love to non-Muslims. Oops, you can’t ask him; he was brutally murdered by Muslims.

People like Zuckerberg have insulated themselves from reality; and they’re proud of it. They want you to know it. But the things they say are naïve, foolish and downright moronic. The fact that Zuckerberg made billions creating a product/service that millions want only makes a reasonable person wish to cringe all the more when he says such mind-numbingly stupid things.

When you propose loving evil, you elevate evil to the same level as the good. You put the sadistic on the same moral playing field as the kind, the peaceful and the reasonable. Zuckerberg and those who applaud him say, “Look how decent he’s being.” Decent? By being politically correct? That’s the easiest thing in the world! What about the damage he does to the peaceful, the benevolent and the true when he lectures us for not loving Islam into peace? They say the same thing about the Pope when he makes politically correct apologies for Islam, and condemn those who want to fight terrorism and murder done in the name of Islam.

What these people are actually doing is spitting on the good. They’re saying, “The good are no better than the evil. I’m going to prove it by showing my love for the evil.”

It’s truly crazy. It’s unjust and wrong. It’s also going to get us all killed, at the rate we’re going. Asad Shah is a metaphor for the foreign and defense policy we’re using to fight Islam’s attacks on Western civilization. Unless we stop listening to fools like Mark Zuckerberg, and electing fools into high office like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, we’re going to end up just like Asad Shah.

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