Hillary Clinton: The Queen of Criminality

Forgotten in the tragic meltdown that was once the Republican Party is the fact that the woman to beat for the presidency is a known criminal.

One hundred and forty-seven FBI agents are part of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails, said a lawmaker who’d been briefed by FBI Director James B. Comey, reports The Washington Post.

The FBI is hurrying to avoid announcing any action in the case too close to the presidential election, the report said.

Clinton and her staff were “dedicated addicts” of the BlackBerry device during her tenure as secretary of state, but the device was vulnerable to hacking, reported the Post.

Part of the issue revolves around the officials’ attempts to allow Clinton to continue to use the BlackBerry and her personal email account for work.

While Clinton aides and government officials looked into ways to allow her to continue to use the BlackBerry, Clinton continued using it. Officials claim they did not know that it was tied to a personal email server at the Clinton family home in Chappaqua, N.Y., so they did not protect the server against spying, said the Post.

If Hillary Clinton wins the election, she will then control the Department of Justice, including the FBI, and will appoint people friendly to her cause. She will likely escape justice, just as she and her husband always have.

In a way, it’s fitting that America will knowingly elect its first openly criminal president. Think about why Hillary’s in trouble. She’s in trouble because she recklessly and, against the law, used a private, vulnerable computer server to house the nation’s most sensitive security information. If a Republican president had even been charged with such offenses, impeachment and resignation would have already occurred, at a minimum, and prosecution would not even be a question. No, she will probably never be held accountable. But isn’t that resentful, sneering lack of accountability the way most of the people voting for her feel about themselves, their own lives and therefore their government?

Accountability is a scary thing, at least to an irrational or unhealthy mindset. It means you cannot blame others for your problems, unhappiness or predicament. When you’re Hillary, or among the millions who identify with her victim-think, you can always blame others. “Others” might be just a vague abstraction, something you never take the time to define. But Hillary is the place to go if you want to escape personal responsibility.

Think about what we demand and expect our government to do. We expect it to literally make money out of thin air, to run a credit tab too high for anyone to count any longer. ($19 trillion and counting in debt; anyone worried yet?) We talk about taking from some to pay for things we want – goods, services, perks, freebies. We talk about doing so in the name of combating “selfishness.” Hillary has made a career out of condemning selfishness. She says it’s selfish of people who have money to want to keep what’s theirs, when (she claims) they should be giving it away. What about those getting the loot? Whether they’re poor or middle class (most of them are the latter), isn’t it selfish of those getting the redistributed or borrowed loot to want it? Somehow, selfishness is bad and wrong in one case, and virtuous in another. When you go out and make an honest living, or even a fortune, and wish to keep it, then you’re considered greedy, evil and selfish. When you get largesse from the government, it’s virtue. It’s just one of the many contradictions of the welfare state. It all makes sense if you look at it from one point-of-view: personal power, for people like Hillary Clinton. Of course she’s criminal, because what we expect her to do – redistribute wealth — is criminal. Or it should be.

Hillary is the perfect queen of the welfare state. She’s modern day royalty. She accepts and enjoys no accountability for anything she does. She looks with contempt on a world that lets her get away with it. She’s an ugly, soulless creature. Like any criminal personality, she feels entitled to what’s hers, and entitled to use whatever means she must to acquire and attain her power. She’s obviously no good. But how much better is she than the majority who support and demand that she does what she does? For those of us who endorse the welfare state, she is our pimp.

Keep all this in mind, just in case Hillary wins the presidency and you find yourself wondering how. If she does, it will only be because she’s the perfect representative of the people most Americans have sadly become.

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