If We Fought Crime Like We Fight Islam, Mayhem Would Rule

“450 of 452 suicide terror attacks in 2015 were perpetrated by Muslim extremists,” reports The Times of Israel. “One of the remaining two attacks was carried out by the Kurdish underground. [However it should be noted at least 98 percent of Kurds are Muslim] The other was perpetrated by a woman supporter of a leftist group in Turkey.”

According to the Daily Wire: “Clearly, this is unique to Islam. The fact is, Islam is not a religion of peace. The verdict is still out on whether it is a religion of violence, despite a perilous foundational period. Early Islamic history is riddled with bloodshed and massacre. But again, that is for reasoned observers to decide.”

Facts are facts. It’s not “racist” or bigoted to focus on facts. In fact, there’s no way you can defeat an enemy without focusing on facts.

Imagine trying to catch a bank robber the way we go after terrorists. Imagine if the police chief said, “Now we’re perpetuating stereotypes by going after black male bank robbers. I don’t want to hear of any black male suspects. Women, perhaps; gays, maybe; white, heterosexual men for sure. But no more blacks. We’ve had enough of that.”

Yet this is almost exactly how we go about trying to defeat terrorism, 98 to 100 percent of which is Islamic based. It’s less an explicit policy than one of not being permitted to name the known facts, lest they offend.

People have let themselves be shamed into thinking of themselves as racist if they point out facts such as these statistics about Islam being the cause of virtually all terrorist attacks in 2015. But religion is not in the bloodstream. It’s a choice. And Islam is not only a religion. It’s an ideological world view with a specific agenda: to impose Islamic (Sharia) law on the entire planet. It’s an ideology of world domination, no less so than Nazism and Communism were.

We’re told, on the one hand, that it’s not a war; it’s a matter for the police. On the other hand, we’re told that we cannot do things like single out Islamic neighborhoods as hotbeds of terrorist cells, even though they are the places where terrorist cells are most likely to exist.

We would never tie the hands of the police in such a fashion. We’d never tell the police, “Rule out certain places where you think you’re most likely to find the rapists or murderers.” But that’s precisely what we do when it comes to Islamic terrorism. And we wonder why we’re losing?

It’s the same with immigrants. Personally, I am a fan of immigration. I want everyone to be able to immigrate to America; and I want nobody, born in America or not, to get freebie benefits of any kind. Corporate welfare and foreign aid should be repealed, and charity should be 100 percent voluntary. In such a context, immigrants – so long as they’re not violent criminals – are never a threat. They’re willing to take care of themselves.

But even with my views, I know we have to place some limits on immigration, in order to make sure that the most dangerous people cannot enter the country. If a country is supposed to be about freedom and individual rights, we should not knowingly let enter people who are highly likely to violate the freedom and individual rights of those already living there.

The problem, because of political correctness, is that we will not permit our law enforcement authorities to act rationally. We generally do permit them to do so when it comes to a local rapist, serial killer or murderer. We don’t worry about whether the serial killer might turn out to be black. Who cares about racial stereotypes at such a time? Just get the killer! But we don’t let them act rationally when it comes to apprehending and punishing the greatest threat to civilization since Nazi Germany, or maybe ever.

If Nazism made a return appearance, and began to prey on nations throughout the world, would we call it racist and bigoted to stop Nazis at America’s gates? If Islam is so peaceful, then why are so many Muslim immigrants compelled to flee their own religion? How peaceful and loving a religion is that?

Instead of fighting back, political correctness has led us to declare war on rationality and facts themselves. Declaring war on facts and reality directly fosters and enables the terrorist events we’re finding with increasing frequency throughout the globe.

I believe ISIS and other spokespersons for Islam when they say they’re just getting started. How far do you plan to let them go before you stop bowing your heads in shame to the apostles of political correctness?

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