It Takes One to Know One, Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney is an idiot. But most of us already knew that.

He’s calling Donald Trump a “phony” and a “fraud” who is playing Americans for “suckers.”

This may well be true. But if it is true, we will not establish it as such by listening to a phony and a fraud.

By calling a majority (so far) of Republican voters who voted for Trump “suckers,” doesn’t this say something about that same majority who nominated Romney himself 4 years ago?

It’s hard to imagine a bigger example of a phony or a fraud than Mitt Romney. When he ran against Obama in 2012 — ineptly, and unsuccessfully — he claimed to be against Obamacare, and against environmentalism. He promised to lower taxes and, like Ronald Reagan, work to get government off the backs of the people.

Fast forward a couple of years. Mitt Romney’s now saying he believes in global warming; that government must do something about income inequality; and, in 2015, he implicitly praised Obamacare and finally admitted that he does believe it’s the role of government to mandate and require health care for all.

If Mitt Romney believes Donald Trump is a catastrophe heralding the end of the Republican Party, he ought to consider his own role in creating that catastrophe. Romney, like so many other Republicans, lies his way into office and then, once there, does the opposite of what he claims to believe. Although Romney lost his bid for president in 2012, his words and actions since then have shown how he didn’t mean a word of what he said then, not about environmentalism, taxes or Obamacare. Why should anyone believe him now?

Like I’ve been saying: If the Republican Party is dead, it’s not because of Donald Trump. Donald Trump is simply a consequence, a byproduct or a symptom of the fact that the Republican Party was already dead, and deserved to die. It stands for nothing. Or, worse yet: It stands for one thing and then proceeds to implement the policies of its opponents, at least on the most important issues (economics, defense) of our day. For the most grotesque example yet, look at the spending bill championed by “conservative” Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan. With opposition like this to socialism, we are better off without opposition.

The Republican Party was an important national force, from its inception in the time of Lincoln to its probable demise, at the end of Reagan’s terms. Now we need a new party — a second party, based (for once) on entirely opposite principles of the socialist Democrats. I’m not saying Donald Trump is it. But neither is Mitt Romney.

It’s laughable to think this losing twit would have anything at all to say on the subject of where America goes next.

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