Sanctimonious Susan Sarandon Calls It “Courage” to Steal Other People’s Money

Actress and activist Susan Sarandon got teary as she introduced Bernie Sanders on the campaign trail last Wednesday in front of an overflow crowd of 1100 people during a town hall in northern Iowa.

Sarandon, who has helped raise money for the Vermont Senator’s presidential bid praised Sanders for his political courage.

Courage? You’ve got to be kidding us, Susan Sarandon. It does not take courage to confiscate and redistribute wealth. Sanders, like any socialist, is going after a minority of wealthy people’s money so he may give it to mass numbers of people. He promises to take trillions of dollars of that money and spread it around to people who want something for free. This is not courage; it’s theft. And it appeals to the smallest within people to scream at them, “You’re entitled to it!”

It’s also not new. Obama ran on the explicit campaign theme of “spread the wealth.” That’s precisely what he has succeeded in doing, over the last seven years. Not 100 percent yet, but we’re getting there. While the consequences of spreading the wealth – a stagnant economy, skyrocketing health insurance prices, massive national debt – are not especially popular, the idea of distributing and getting freebies is certainly popular with a lot of people. If it weren’t, we would not have a President Obama.

“Gender is not what’s important,” Sarandon lectured. “Issues are what’s important. I want a candidate who has the courage to stand to do the right thing when it is not popular.”

What’s not popular about Sanders’ programs? He’s promising even more free health care, more free college education, and more free everything than either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. Sarandon says issues are more important than gender. It would be more precise, and more honest, for her to say, “Clinton and Obama spread the wealth, but not enough. We demand more!”

It’s interesting how greed is considered unseemly and tasteless when one has actually earned one’s money. But when calling for confiscation of privately earned money, it seems like you cannot possibly be too greedy. If this is not a total moral inversion, I don’t know what is.

Socialism is not brave, it’s not courageous and it’s not original. The easiest thing in the world is to spread envy, class warfare and demand freebies for mass numbers of people. What kept America great for so long was the fact that so few among its population ever fell for socialism, at least in the undiluted form Susan Sarandon and Bernie Sanders want. Things have reached a point where one of the two major parties now appears to stand for the undiluted form. We have a choice between total socialism (the Democrats, as pressured by Sanders) and watered down socialism (the Republicans).

Fighting for private property; for individual sovereignty over every aspect of one’s mind, body and life; for capitalism (not crony pseudo-capitalism, but the real kind); for the right to keep what you earn regardless of your income; and for the responsibility of leaving everyone alone, in exchange for being left alone yourself. To fight for individual rights rather than the crude, stale and already tried-and-untrue applause lines the sanctimonious Susan Sarandon thinks she’s so original for uttering.

Fighting for freedom, rather than Sarandon’s creepy, latter-day Communism? Now that would be courageous.

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